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: Vested Knowledge Project

04-12-2000, 11:15 AM
It occurred to me that we put a lot of knowledge into the BB and it's better put into another format for reference to new members and future research. Therefore I am going to put more effort into building up the Vested Knowledge section of the Expertise page in a way that uses a database for better categorization and searching of information.

That's not to say that we shouldn't put stuff into the BB, that'll all be linked from the new section. The two will be tied together, actually. I'm just asking for your input and contributions when that section gets ready. For now, thanks for your insights in FlyTalk and your opinions will be key as I start to set this up.

Jeff Roop has agreed to be the fly pattern database meister and I believe the video clips will be a great way to start.

If there are any topic areas you'd like to champion, just let me know and we'd love to have you!