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: June 1 is here at last...

06-02-2003, 10:56 AM
And all that goes with it such as well over 100 boats on the Skykomish yesterday. Can you say zoo?

Still it was great to get out and throw a line after 31 days without. No fish action for me but reports of a few flies being mouthed around the area. I hear one of our board posters swam a near 20# late winter buck on a local river and I talked to a gentleman that had C&R'ed a fiesty kelt on his cane rod. So what you say people, was the opener good for you?

Leland Miyawaki
06-02-2003, 11:15 AM
Brian (aka Doublespey) and I floated the Green River (King County) yesterday afternoon from Whitney to Soos. I live only ten minutes away from the Green but, I must confess, know more about the Snoqualmie River which is a lot further away. Both Brian and I were very surprised at what we learned (no fish but knowledge for next time). Thanks to Juro for hounding us about that river!

It was great to get away from the salt and into some sweet water!

FYI for potential floaters of the Green There is a new logjam one mile below Metzler's. You must take the far right channel. It is signed and it will require portage and dragging.


06-02-2003, 11:19 AM
Howdy Sinktip. I got a report from one of my westside spies that was on the Sky for opening day. He desribed it the same as you, "zoo", he said he caught a 15" Cut so he was not to disappointed. The Sky opener was good for me as I sold him his tackle.:smokin:

06-02-2003, 11:20 AM
Had a great camp fire with good friends and enjoyed beautiful weather but we did not hook any steelhead. I saw a fish rise to one of my partners offerings , looked to be a very bright fish of about 6# I suspect a fresh summer run but he did not take the fly. I was standing on a high point and saw the fish clearly, more exciting for me than the fellow casting.
Talked to another fly fisherman who caught a fresh summer run and heard lots of boats ratteling and thundering down the too low flow of the rivers, when the crowds and boats thin out I may go back for some peace and quiet.
I also heard of a winter run kelt being taken by a flyfisher.

06-02-2003, 11:21 AM
To avoid the crush of people on opening day I usually hike into a favorite bar on the Skagit. The trail in is lined with salmon berries and I make the hike for the berries as much as for the fishing. Unfortunately the berries were not ripe and the fishing was slow. A couple of dollies, although both fish were fat and sassy.

I got in some needed casting practice and it was a beautiful morning to be on the river

Nooksack Mac
06-02-2003, 12:57 PM
Western Washington's signature summer steelhead river was in slightly better than usual shape for early June. The near-absence of snow on Mt. Higgins was a clue as to why. Semi-roiled but doable around Oso, and clearer upstream.
The new signboard structure at the Hazel parking area now sports a generalized map of the area, histories of the river and Walt Johnson, and some useful suggestions on river etiquette. It's unattributed, so who's to be thanked for that considerable effort?

06-03-2003, 08:18 AM
Great time of year. I always seemed to land a k-romer by father's day while a WA resident. I always loved taking a mid-week vacation day and being virtually the only one fishing to bright summer runs from Auburn up to the lower Gorge on the Green or lesser known spots on the Snoqualmie before/after work. Or sitting on the Oso bridge looking at the gorgeous dime-bright fish sitting in the eddy or down in the boulder garden on a bright cascade valley kind of day. Or an incredible three summer run day working the Ben Howard side gravel bar across from the Sultan on a misty June morning although I never hooked another there since.

Great time to head south to the Columbia tribs - East Fk Lewis, lower Kalama, middle Cowlitz from Toutle to I-5, etc. The Cowlitz is a much-maligned river with a real soul when you escape the crowds, and lots of fish to tear you up too. I love the river, her shady past is not her fault but ours for ruining that miraculous river with dams and hatcheries. I remember an unbelievable day I had on the Washougal in June as well.

The OP is revving up too with those huge springers holding in the lower Duc and chrome steelies sneaking up to Tumbling Rapids and Beaver Crk and beyond; Hoh River getting it's bad-ass breed of native summer fish up thru the pools at Oil City Rd, over the rocks at Nolan's, finally up into the park where a guy can swing a big gnarly spring fly over summer fish occasionaly be reminded just how tough a summer run fish can be.

It's true that in summer, I long for the dream of hooking a big shouldered spring native, and in winter I wish for the bluebird days and willing takers of fall, but there's nothing like a cartwheeling lightning bolt June chromer to start the new season!

06-03-2003, 11:57 PM
Sorry to hear about eveyones non success, but I was one of the lucky ones.

Fished the Snoqualmie Sunday morning and ended up hooking, playing, chasing and losing a large wild buck. The guy who helped me attempt a beaching estimated the fish round 20 lbs. The fish was full of color, so it had been in the system a while but that didn't effect it's ability to teach me a lesson on playing a steelhead. Caught it on a Red GP in a run that had been fished by three others before I got into it.

This was the largest and best faught steelhead I have ever been graced to hook. Makes me know why I keep going back after being skunked so often. Anyways, the images of that fish are burned into my memory.


06-04-2003, 12:01 AM
"twas glorious to on a river again. Alas Sinktip, I caught what we each caught the last day of winter season. Using the 8/9 2-hander instead of my big 16 ft. winter stick was a very easy transition this year, probably because I couldn't get away to more distant locales were water was open during our closed month of May.

Ran into a fellow who is the next door neigbor of my good friend Bob Arnold. He had taken 2 small winter fish, one a kelt and one a bright fish. It feels like Mykiss flu is going to be full-blown about Thursday.