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05-28-2003, 09:51 AM
Has anyone been fishing "The Tub" or Monomoy lately? Any reports ?

Dble Haul
05-28-2003, 10:00 AM
Check out the threads below...Juro has a handful of reports, one as recent as this past holiday weekend.

05-28-2003, 11:25 AM
Mike -

This cool weather has had it's effect for sure, but the spring urges have brought the fish to their usual haunts and the migration action is still on. Flats on both sides of the cape have fish on them right now, although they are acting a little funny due to conditions. Sight fishing is limited but do-able although most are cruising at the drop-off line off the edge of the flats.

According to Capt. Keith my charter last week was the first to step onto North Monomoy this year, we found fish pushing up onto the flats but much, much differently than last year and the strucutral changes were dramatic as well. I am glad to say it much favors the shore angler this year. :D

Last week a lot of sand eels showed, millions pushing up inside South Beach and the tub. The fishing was ridiculous. I swear I am going to go to the hobby shop and buy a little goofy figurine (Elmo maybe) and lash it to a hook to see if I can catch blitzing stripers with it under such conditions.

Anyway, this weekend although limited to a couple of hours each morning, showed no signs of eels where we were but yet sand eel patterns worked well and I hooked and/or landed legals both days.

Big blues made it to Stage, puking large squid when landed.

I like the outer beach roulette - it's a roll of the dice but if you hit the jackpot you hit it big.

I think it's going to take a week of good weather and southwest winds to knock things into normal for this time of year. That being said, I wouldn't refuse an opportunity to fish the cape flats over just about anywhere right now.

I fish just as much for the beauty and aesthetic of the place I am at, and those areas just have it nailed in that respect. Like Maine, North Shore, the Islands, etc - it's one of the places where you get more than fish for your efforts.

Good luck!

05-28-2003, 02:50 PM
I walked down Hardings to Stage last year. ( I think thats where I was, wasnt I? ) I remember walking out on a bar just before the channel that looked and felt so fishy I remember thinking " How in the world could there be no fish here? " It may have been the 30mph+ sustained winds and lashing rain that did it but I'm no scientist;) . Anyway I am hoping to drag the old lady up for a romantic weekend ( little does she know that this gettaway coinsides with the great fishing usally found in June..... now how could that be?:hehe: ). Also have her booking 4days in September. How does the flats fish in early to mid Sept?

05-28-2003, 07:37 PM
In early mid-sept the presence of YOY bunker makes the situation less prone to be like the summer squadron marches of bass onto the flats. Once bunker come streaming into the scene by the gazillions the opportunistic striper shifts gears and focuses on fattening up on pogies.

Some years though there is a huge showing of large sand eels on the flats, particularly Pleasant Bay where there is a huge die-off of fat sand eels pouring out of the estuaries with every ebb. Even the gawky gulls are feasting on crippled sand eels then. I need to investigate whether this is some kind of spawn activity. Most of what I've read indicates offshore shoal spawning but who knows. When this occurs, there is enough protein for the big bass to stay focused on sand eels and more flats-like behavior persists but last year there was none of this in the fall. I like ebb tides in rips at inlets this time of year, ala Big Girl Bar, etc.

The best thing to do in September is find bunker where the fish are trapping them - it might be as simple as a 10 foot jetty on the Nantucket sound beaches. I did well hunting the flats for the last several falls but it was always a bunker related situation when it got hot.

Flats are also very good bunker traps, there have been days on the Brewster Flats "arches" where the low tide had a hundred square yards of bunker trapped and gannets, gulls, bass, blues and all manner of predator were exploding on them for hours.

Short answer - flats are fine in fall but I prefer going oversand to fish the bowls on the big beaches or finding the continual streams of bunker on the sound's shoreline over sight fishing that time of year.

But then again... that's the time to be chasing tunoids down the coast a little to the west!