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: Light moments with Intel

04-03-2000, 02:14 PM
Have you guys seen Intel's double spread ad in the last couple PC Weeks? There's a guy fly fishing in a frigid snowed over stream. The header reads...

"He'll fish forever for a nine inch brookie, yet he won't wait eight seconds to order new waders online. That's cold."

Thought it was pretty good.

04-09-2000, 01:37 PM
Flyfishing seems to be synonymous with leisure and success in ads lately. Sad how few of the models can actually cast!
I remember a Ford commercial featuring an awesome caster when I lived out west. I mentioned this in Kaufmann's streamborn one day and the guys there said "yeah, that was Dennis". Dennis Worley is one of the most informative and knowledgable flyshop guys in the pacific northwest, and Ford chose him to cast in their commercial. Pretty Cool!

Of course who would've thunk Brad Pitt could cast like he did in the movie!