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: South Beach 5-25, 5-26

05-26-2003, 03:59 PM
Very little fishing, but not too shabby on the catching. Hooked up with good friends, had a fantastic time with the extended family barbeque binge.

Hooked up with Jeff B and Sean McD to run around SB and the tub for a couple hours in the AM on Sunday. Ended up picking up a few schoolies and losing a keeper in comedic fashion yesterday as time was running out, around 9:20a. The surf tangled my line around both feet and the fish's runs got the running line around the reel handle, I overcame the line around the feet but the reel handle was a bit too much when the fish took off. Good early season reminder to aim retrieved line into the basket when stripping a fish in even if he is very close to getting on the reel.

The three of us scouted Herring river on the way back and saw nothing, pretty dead at that time. I spoke with locals who got into big blues at Hardings while things were quiet at Herring. Also reports of good action at Bass River seemed to be common although I never investigated first hand.

Chatted with John Molander at the parking lot as I arrived, not too bad of a morning considering the weather reports. I did much better this morning fishing, the shorts were bigger and fatter and the legal was landed despite some hard runs. It measured from the end of the butt up to the first stripping guide, haven't measured what that is yet but don't really care as it was a beautiful fish and really made my morning. Ran into Mike and Papa Doogue, great to see the Top Doogue up and at' em again.

Got back up to the parking lot about 9:15 and got back to family happenin's for what turned out to be a very nice Memorial Day weekend despite crappy weather.

Hope you guys had a good weekend as well,

05-26-2003, 05:11 PM
Weekend Report!

Numourus truckloads of thirty years of accumulated stuff hauled out of the cellar and nooks and crannies around the house. Delivered to a dumpster parked at my in-laws. Much fun and a great weekend. I'm thinking of forgoing the Cape and doing it again next weekend.

05-26-2003, 05:20 PM
Give you and others credit for just being out there in this weather! Thinking of giving it a try this wed/thurs pending weather. Thanks for sharing your "entanglement" :-) experience, at least you had him for awhile....last May (4 th wk), I was on the flats of the tub, saw a school of about a dozen keepers about 40 ft away...forgot that there was a heavy wind to my right and back.....promptly impaled my backpack :-) Needless to say...I never saw them again for the rest of the day. The question is......why doesn't a problem occur with a schoolie?
By the way, I think we have the same rod (Sage 9 1/2 ft), if so...your fish was 33 1/2 ".