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: Flats Fishing Ettiquette- wading vs. boating

05-25-2003, 05:16 PM
myself and a good friend of mine have been fishing northeast striper water for a few years now as wade anglers. my buddy got a new boat this year(20' trophy), so i want to be prepared for fishing around other anglers from a boat. this is all inshore water. flats,beaches, some water reachable by waders and others not. whats common ettiquette for this type of situation? obviously common sense rules, but i dont want to overlook anything. thats important to us. cant tell you how many times we've had boats blow in on a flat at high tide that we were posted up on. so frustrating. how do you deal with other boats fishing the same area? just hoping to open a conversation on this subject to get me thinking. thanks alot, mark

05-26-2003, 11:29 PM
What I do is make sure I have plenty of spots in mind for a particular trip. If I go to one of my spots and there are already boats or waders there I jet off to another spot. It is a very big ocean with lots of area to fish and when I have the boat I give the shore guy's their room to fish, I have the option to go somewhere else and they don't. Been in that situation many times fishing from shore only to have a boat guy come and ruin the fishing due to lack of consideration. If you are fishing offshore on the reefs or something similar then let common sense prevail and give the boats already there room, try not to crowd guy's already on station and drifting. I usually try to get up current of the drift and join the rest of the crew if I have to, or use my GPS and Electronics to find a different drift and/or structure so as not to crowd and steal somebody elses water. If you find that the fish are concentrated in a very narrow drift and somebody else has the drift already so be it and find another school of fish for yourself. I find this to be the most polite and least likely way to avoid conflict. Just my way of doing things and you may do it a little different, always remember SAFETY FIRST whenever out on the water fishing is no fun when you don't return home to do it again!

Mike Mayo

05-27-2003, 08:09 AM
I have one word on this topic:

Unconventional Wisdom

OK - that's two, but the problem with the usual Monomoy phustercluck of which you speak is that everyone does the same thing because they don't know any better. Think different, the fishing is far better anyway.

There are better flats with no names or names buried in history books that no one is covering at any given time, perhaps hundreds of such flats on both sides of the cape. I know of several better than Monomoy by boat myself and I haven't owned a boat for 8 years.

Getting back to Monomoy, for us shore anglers and guides, there are less choices - we often walk miles to our waters. You'd be amazed how often a boat drops anchor in a wade angler's face when they see them land a fish, sometimes asking questions about how/what to use.

I feel like saying "your boat, use your boat".

With mobility you can get over all kinds of skinny water and white sand and the fish are not nearly as specific about geography as the humans who pursue them.

Think unconventionally and entirely avoid places where the dufus factor is high, IMHO.