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: Sand eels arrive in Chatham

05-22-2003, 10:30 PM
Today there was a noticably different presence on the outer beaches as well as the inside at Chatham... sand eels! Terns working in large numbers, whirling down at busting bass and coming up with 4-5" sand eels. Walking in the soft sand I often flushed eels and had one swim right into my wader leg on one occasion. Where you found them, you found stripers... non-stop. It was silly there were so many fish. Nothing over 26-27" but some of the 24" were footballs and all were full of fight. We walked away from them busting to have some hot chowder at Squires with the cold drizzle dripping down the back of our necks. In all the excitement, we forgot the weather was crap. The shuttle was not running so we parked at the lighthouse and walked south beach, overall about a 6 mile hike. Invigorating but I can't wait for daily shuttles ;)

If there was any doubt that the spring schoolies are here, the arrival of sand eels on the Chatham shoreline erases any such doubt. Just look for the terns and start casting!

Note: if you guys I met at the parking lot are reading this, please call Capt. Keith in advance or post a message here if you are going out so that we can pool together enough folks to justify the shuttle.

05-22-2003, 11:57 PM
Ron and I had such a day on Tuesday towards the end of the low at the roundout below J buoy. Nonstop action! We switched to poppers and had a ball until the tide stopped and it was all over. The terns were a dead giveaway.