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: A Flyfishing challenge

03-22-2000, 08:51 PM
I've been kicking around this silly idea (uh oh...his last one turned into a CLave, here we go again). Not to worry.
One of the best things about FF is the mental challenge. Face it, many are drawn to this sport for the stimulation a good mental challenge brings (don't start that dreaded "Why we flyfish" thread again!). There is so much to consider: wind, tide, current, colors, time of day etc. etc. But I've been thinking it would be real fun to have a sort of competition that challenges the calculation of all these things. In some settings competition really sucks and FF can be one. But, combined with the luck factor, there is a way to have a real honest to god hoot and have the thrill of competing. Let's say you take 10 guys and <b>leveled the playing field</b> by doing the following:

* Gave each person an identical set of fly tying materials. Enough to make 1 or 2 flies. You can tie any patttern you like except deceiver patterns. And make it tough like undersized or oversized hooks, tough colors etc.

* Then go to a shore where nobody has ever fished before

* NO boats.

Everyone throws in 5 bucks and the best catch or rarest catch or best story wins the kitty. Ok you hate competition, fine, but I like the creativity of the sport and a little challenge like this could spark some great ideas. And there is always lady luck to really rock the boat.
Well just thinking, and countin down the days till it's time to fish. Would like to know what you guys think though.


03-22-2000, 10:05 PM
Hmmm... I see where yer' goin!

Truthfully, I think it sounds like fun. Practically speaking the one-fly contest is a similar thing without leveling the field down to the materials. Even though we'll be wound pretty tight from the winter's cabin fever, you could theoretically unleash this on the second morning of the spring clave... tying at yout place?

I know a beach I'll bet folks haven't fished before (I'd sit out) or we could pick a beach EVRYBODY has fished. The way fish move in and out, I don't think the beach really matters.

Let's think about it, sounds like fun.

And we gotta cast lefty!

03-23-2000, 08:03 AM
Juro say:

&gt;And we gotta cast lefty!

Great, I'm a south paw!


03-23-2000, 11:59 AM
&gt;&gt;And we gotta cast lefty! &lt;&lt;

I dunno, he's a short little guy, but stout. Probably goes a good 180 lb. I wouldn't try casting him on a 12 wt., but might dump him into a chum slick on a stiff boat rod.

03-23-2000, 02:42 PM
Not that I'm any kind of svelte anything, but there ain't no grain weight big enough for castin' letfy! Guess that would mean Terry would need to cast righty! He's pretty big too.

Good talking with you after the banquet Mike - don't know if a guy like me can really afford to lose many more brain cells but if you're ever up for a flyfishing discussion under the guise of an evening of binge drinking let me know

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