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: Books on Pontooning

Mean Mr Mustard
05-14-2003, 02:05 PM
The wife recently purchased a couple inexpensive banana boats for me and the kid. We plan on running very mild sections of moving water and could use recommendations on books discussing issues of safety, ettiquette, etc.


05-15-2003, 12:04 PM
I know the Sierra club used to put out a few books on whitewatering. Almost any whitewatering book will do. I starting using catarafts before they were known (all I used were hand made by private tube makers then, no Aire, Sotar, Maravia building catarafts) so had to learn on my own how to use. I'd say there probably is some books out there. I know if you drift Washington, there is a book I do believe is called "Washington WHitewater Guide". I bought this book back in the mid 80's. Of course all the pics in their are of rafts. LOL. But tells about different rivers, what class ratings are on each, and how to run the slots. Rivers change, but a good idea of river. Plus, they probably have new updated books by now maybe. I know they had tips at one time at running and outfitting boat. But most I learned came from friends/family I whitewatered with as a child and grew up doing it.

I know if you go to you may be able to search for "whitewater books". May come up with some search results. I'd even try "pontoon boat" or "cataraft". You never know what you may find. But to date, don't know of an actual book on doing it. Hey, if you have any questions in particular, shoot me an email. I have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Could help you out in just about any department when it comes to these boats.

What type of boats did you get anyways? Let us know, and if possible, post a pic or two.

06-01-2003, 10:05 PM

what are the chances of you putting together a small group outing to do a little river-running workshop for those of us in the area with pontoons or thinking about buying them ?

06-02-2003, 11:26 AM
My problem right now I can't use my boats, any in fact. Am hurt in my shoulder/neck and can't row. But, it has been discussed with Bill Day (owner of Skookum) of having a day out on the water and bringing a bunch of his boats. Will let you know once things come into play. Haven't made any plans yet. Hopefully soon.