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05-13-2003, 11:16 AM
Is chapstick useful as a ferrule wax? If not what do you use?


Dble Haul
05-13-2003, 11:39 AM
I use beeswax and have never had any complaints.

05-13-2003, 11:42 AM
I just bumped a thread from last year, that ended up in the "General" section of Spey Section. Now, if Eddie or Juro could drag it over here...

05-13-2003, 11:43 AM

I don't know if chapstick works or not(hadn't thought to use it)
I use wapsi fly tying wax and have had zero problems getting my rods apart.Let me know if the chapstick works

05-13-2003, 11:44 AM
A candle works good for me....

05-13-2003, 12:07 PM
I rub the grease off my own nose! Seems to work... Not sure where I heard it, but it's allways handy.

05-13-2003, 12:34 PM
My father-in-law rubs the ferrulle along side his nose to wax his rod. That seems to work however with a 4-piece rod I run out of this valuable substance. Is there an etiquette associated with borrowing nose wax? I like the candle idea

05-13-2003, 02:28 PM
Check out Harry Koons at Nauset angler - one of our sponsors. He has a great product called - wait for it .... "Sex Wax"!

Surfers use it to wax their boards - does great on ferrules too.

To answer the original question, Chapstick may be a bit "thin" - especialy in the sunmmer.

05-13-2003, 03:45 PM
I was taught to rub the ferrule alongside my nose from my Great Uncle Tom back in the '40s. It was not unique - everybody did it when they assembled their rods. Don't knock it - it works.


05-13-2003, 03:50 PM
Yeah, you're right, Bob - but whippersnappers don't often believe in or appreciate old fashioned remedies ;)

(shines a briar pipe bowl WICKED GOOD !!!! ) :smokin:

05-13-2003, 09:42 PM
These young kids don't know what a briar pipe is.... let alone a good "chew" of cut "plug".:smokin:


05-14-2003, 02:48 AM
Hey Brad, any cheap candle will do, with the exception of those from a nephew's birthday cake. Just slice a 1/4" to 3/8" disk off the end of a medium size candle (a warm knife does help), slip it in a ziplock bag and stuff it in your, vest, chest pack or what-have-you.

After 2 - 3 swipes of the edge of your wax "coin" against a ferrule you'll find it has a very convenient little notch in it and it's a nice compact tool.

It really is a superior alternative to harvesting a sufficient supply of nose skin oil required to assemble a five piece rod, though you will be depriving your friends of considerable minor amusement while you appear to be shoving something like a four foot spey rod section up one of your blow holes.

Then again, if you're still suffering from some sort of prepubescent skin condition, hey that nose thing is probaby an environmentally friendly recycling plan but please turn away from the river while doing so.

John :smokin:

05-14-2003, 08:39 AM
Speynut, you're right about carrying a coin of wax around, and I agree it's a damn sight easier, but - and here's what made me laugh when I thought of it - dragging a ferrule over or under an ear, the nose, etc., all the old-fashioned methods.

A year or so ago we (somewhere around here in cyberfishingcountry) discussed people's opinions of WHAT versus WHY? in terms of whether lubricant picks up grit and damages connections, binds too tightly, is a pain in the ass to create in small enough form to easily carry around; whether candle wax or crayons or toilet bowl flange rings or whatever is a 'right' way to go, and so forth. Everybody's accepted option is right for them, and that's just it - to each, his or her own.

I've got way more beeswax at home than I'm ever gonna use in the rest of my lifetime: there's a whole bread loaf pan on the shelf going into the cellar.

Bob, I got me some beauties, I do - wish I could replace the one that went floating down the Ipswich River one year, though :mad: