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: So close but so far

05-12-2003, 03:27 PM
Been trying to perfect some spee/dee style flies on some fly brooch pins. I add my own style, and know I'm not a perfect tyer, but I like them anyways. Well, had what I think is a decent ackroyd on a fly pin. Guess what? I was down to end of my wing materials. ARGH!!!! I may rip apart when I get new stuff, but wanted to finish it anyways. So, wings are a bit short. I had to really trim tight to stem of feather and tie tight to get wings that long. LOL. I guess next time I should double check length of quill before I tie. I had some left, and eyeballed it instead of laying on shank first before cutting. Thought I had enough, but nope, short. Oh well.

But getting there. Wish they looked as good on these stupid pins as they did on normal hooks. Must be the oversized diameters that throw them off. Say they're 3/0 hooks, but have diameter of 8/0 hooks.