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: Pesticides in streams

05-11-2003, 07:05 AM
Keep an eye open in your travels for landscape and lawn care companies filling their spray trucks in streams.

Years ago this used to be a common practice amongst tree sprayers, to flush out and refill their spray tanks in streams. With the current proliferation of lawn care types spraying pesticides this practice may be resurfacing.

While many lawn care pesticides and herbicides are relatively harmless when applied properly to lawns and landscape plants, they can be highly toxic to aquatic life in streams. A small amount back washed from a spray tank into the stream could wipe out a significant portion of the streams aquatic inhabitants.

I don't know how often this is happening, however this spring there have been some reports of it happening in my area.

If you see this sort of thing happening write down the company name and plate # and report it.

John Desjardins
05-12-2003, 10:29 AM
Tim, thanks for the reminder. Asking where the water came from would be a good question for those who contract out their lawn care to ask prior to signing a contract.

05-12-2003, 12:24 PM
Man if I saw a truck pumping a stream the operator and company would definitely hear about it from the authorities and the press as well if I can get on their radar screen.

Thanks for the warning, I won't take tank trucks parked in out of the way places lightly anymore.

05-14-2003, 01:46 AM
unfortunately, this is still a very common practice in Eastern Kentucky. Coal companies fill thier hydroseeders (to spray liquid fertilizer mixed with grass seed for reclaiming strip mines) in creeks and streams. They "say" they don't flush when they fill, but i have worked for many of these money mongering devils, and they do just that!!! Coal built Eastern also killed it.