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: Hudson River Striped Bass Record Broken

Bob Creeden
05-11-2003, 05:35 AM
A North Carolina native, Dan Mangold, fishing with Capt. Ron Zelinski out of Certified Marine Services Marina on Roundout Creek caugt a 55-pound, 48.5-inch long, 31.125-inc in girth striped bass on Friday. He caught it using a chunk of herring.

Hoo ha! There are still 3 weeks of big fish opportunity available in the Hudson River and perhaps a bigger striped bass waiting to spawn.

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05-11-2003, 10:49 AM
That's quite a fish... do you know what the fly rod record is for the Hudson... It is broken down into tippet strength. Tony Stetzko of Orleans Still has the surf rod record of pounds in the 60's as the overall record, and I think 36 pounds is the 15 pound tippet record... But at 55 pounds and at 48 inches is a real fat fish!.. My fly rod striper was 45 inches at 29 pounds.... skinny by comparison but almost the same length. (on a Harry Koons rats ass). I wonder what 55 pounds would feel like on a fly Rod?

Bob Creeden
05-11-2003, 02:34 PM
To my knowledge - No one has established a fly rod record for Hudson River spawning striped bass. I'm going to be beating the watter up to try to hammer a large bass in the next few weeks.

I know a growing number of long roders are trying to catch a spawning run male or female.

What is the criteria to submit a fish for review for a tippet rcord on a fly?:confused:

05-11-2003, 03:14 PM
The IGFA runs the rules on it... I know that what is interesting is that the 15 pound tippet for stripers is set but the 30 pound tippet has not been establish OR, I think many people have beaten it without submitting the facts... The IGFA has specific rules for legth of tippet. You would need to file out forms at a designated of the fly or bait shops... with photo's and affidavit if it is C &R... You would also need to weigh it with a certified scale, which means that you would have to send the scale you usually use to the IGFA for them to certify. Then you have to be sure no one helped you land it or touched the rod... not sure about the landing part as far as use of nets are concernd.. but many record has been lost simply because , on a boat say, the angler hands the rod to a friend in order to reach down and haul the fish in. I think we have all the IGFA rules somewhere on this board... I have at least the rule from last year.