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: CCA Tide cover photo

03-10-2000, 05:21 PM
New issue of Tide magazine came this afternoon, rather interesting cover photo I thought. It seems we have a long way to go in the catch and release education department.

03-10-2000, 05:27 PM
Tell me more, Tim... I'm sure such an upstanding organization as CCA means well... <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">old issue?</a><!--url-->

03-10-2000, 08:05 PM
It is a new issue, I got mine in today's mail. The fish on the cover still has the plug in his mouth and is very shiny so he may not be dead and was possibly placed on the bow of the kayak for a quick photo. I would like to think the latter since it is the CCA publication. Thanks, Peter

03-11-2000, 06:17 AM
It's a picture of a Redfish with three sets of shiny barbed trebles stuck in his face. I agree that CCA is a good group and the fish was probally released alive. But given the problems with catch and release mortality I think it sets a lousy example. There is another photo on page 30 of a striper in the same predicament. Maybe I am just nit picking O well.

03-11-2000, 08:38 AM
I agree with you. CCA preaches and teaches catch & release methods, so you would think they would set an example by showing/using plugs with single hooks to reduce the mortality rate.