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: last night's DMF hearing

03-08-2000, 08:53 AM
I have about two seconds to report this:
last night's hearing in Gloucester was attended by about 25 people (lame), approximately 20 recs 5 comms. The public comments given on the Bass were UNANIMOUS about going up to at least 34" if not 36", and the DMF's bass expert admitted during the question period after his presentation that the best thing for the stock as a whole will be to increase the size based on the age, population, class year and future year of young classes coming into breeding size.

I have a hunch that the Cape Cod meeting will not yeild quite the same result. So, if you want to see an increase, either go, or fax your comments by Friday with a signiture to the DMF at 617-626-1509. Their web site is :


Jeff G.