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03-06-2000, 09:45 AM
I received this over the weekend from CCA:

Mass marine Fisheries and Marine Fisheries Commission is holding Public Hearings on the recreational options for the Striped Bass. Agenda 5--keep the status quo or go to a minimum length between 29-34"

The catch--The hearings are THIS WEEK!
TOMORROW in Gloucester and Wed. at the Maritime Academy.

Has anyone else received information on this??? I can't beleive the short notice. I also don't know why 36" isn't an option--it was supported at the public comment period in the fall.

03-06-2000, 03:06 PM
I don't recall hearing a call to arms at the CCA banquet on Friday. Where / when are the hearings?

03-06-2000, 03:15 PM
Just found out about it this afternoon, I am going to the one at the maritime. 36" could be an option if 500 or a thousand people showed up and raised hell with them. Unfortunatly this is hard to do on one or two days notice.

03-06-2000, 03:18 PM
you can check it out on the DMF page:

you didn't hear about it on Friday because virtually nobody knew--how's that for advanced public notice? The hearings are tomorrow at the Fuller School in Gloucester at 6:00 and Wednesday at the mass maritime Academy at 6:00.

Appaarently the MFC seems pretty comfortable with the status quo and won't vote for an increase with out a large public push in that direction. I personally would love to see the limit go back to as close to 36" as possible.

if you want to contribute, but can't make a meeting, you may fax a public comment, signed to the DMF at 617/-626-1509. However, a big turn out at the meetings themselves is always preferable.

You can guarantee that the charter captains who's customers take home fish are not going to vote for an increase, but I think most of us know that an increase in the minimum size will equal a healthier stock of bigger fish in the long run.