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05-04-2003, 04:20 PM
Case and myself drifted down the Bass River then paddled back. No fish but it was a very pleasant morning aside from being a little too much like work (I'd say the 20 xtra pounds and this winter sedintary (sp) lifestyle worked against me). Rumors are that folks that went to Chatham found fish. And Pete nailed some twinks downstream from where Case and I were.

I managed to remove the shunk late this afternoon with a couple of schoolies. Didn't have to resort to JBassers miniwing, they took a nice big old fashion chartruse half & half on the drift.

Great meal at the Old Inn last night to cap of a cold and fishless day. Overall a fun weekend despite the weather on Saturday.

05-04-2003, 04:37 PM
We did the tub.

I thought I was going to do it alone but luckily I was shooting the breeze with Leon Long and a group of spring kick-off'ers arrived. Four of us made a trek of it down the stairs. Within ten casts all of us were hooked up to bright sea-liced schoolies. Fishhawk and Doc Duprey stayed on with bent rods, undoubtedly getting into the double digits. Nick and I reeled up and walked away from the sure action all the way down as far as K bouy for the promise of dark spring shadows on the flats. His skiiing activity during the winter paid off as he was barely winded, my couch potato antics on the other hand had me in "pain for gain" mode. With the season coming up it was good medicine.

The flood seemed lackluster probably affected by the wind and the incoming was just about how I like my beer on a sweltering summer day. Not a lot of promise of fish coming with that tide, we need a few more southwesterly days with warm currents and the big girls need to finish business down in Chesapeake before it would be worth standing thigh deep through the full flood. We made the death march back at 1/3 tide without seeing a fish, and only a few chogs for bait.

I left feeling that 3/4 tide would have brought some scout bass up onto the flats, but the hours of waiting in the frigid water was unappealing especially after Nick started describing his fresh mahi mahi at the East Coast Grill and found a monomoy steamer in the sand, which even looked appetizing at that point. I was having a Penguin moment ;)

Seaworms were all over the place, mostly chopped up but many still alive along the intertidal zone.

Strange tubular projections crafted by some animal with a sticky substance and sand were prevalent.

A large loon was in almost the same spot where I photographed one during big brother day last June.

The good news is that the scouts have arrived and the numbers should stack up pretty soon with some bigger fish bringing up the rear.

I am anxious to hear how Fishhawk and Doc finished up...

05-04-2003, 07:34 PM
Juro gave a great description of the day...his ever optimistic views of "there'll be fish around the next bend" thankfully outweighed my "there's never fish where I am" views and we were treated with a spectacular walk on the beach today.

Main purpose of my clave drive was picking up my paddle and reel so I got those accomplished. Icing on the cake was the beautiful day and a sealiced striper.

Paddle and reel are Saaaawwweeet! Can't wait to use them.

After picking up that steamer, it was a stop at the fish market for me. Clams, mussels, haddock, sauce over pasta. Great end to a nice weekend.

And Juro, My legs are going to be hurting tomorrow. I guarantee it.:whoa:

05-04-2003, 07:56 PM
AAAWWWHHH! You guys drive me crazy... I had to miss today and even at the light house... I am glad you saw Leon... I would have like to have seen and spoken with him...Next time... I think the tub will be hot in a week or two ...I'll be back!

05-05-2003, 04:59 AM
Both the Doc and I had a great morning. When I walked over the dun and into the tub there was a boat with a flyfisherman who had a fish on. I positioned my self opposite him and the fun began . First Nick was on then Juro and the Doc. I felt the familar tug on the line and was greated by a fresh_scout. My best fish of the day was a fiesty 22" lice covered scout.
The Doc also hooked into some nice fish . We had a blast. What a way to end the Clave . FishHawk


Doc Duprey
05-05-2003, 01:38 PM
Well, double digits only if you count the 'Hawk's fish and mine together...

Seriously it was a blast. We hung right where we started and hooked up pretty steadily until slack. The fish seemed to be holding or traveling right along the face of the dropoff. If you slowly drifted a fly either down the drop or brought it up, like a fleeing fish, a hungry schoolie was usually happy to dance. Fishhawk nailed a feisty 22 incher, and I lost two nice fish besides landing several in the 15 to 18 inch range. Nice to have the fishy smell in the car.

As the philosopher Arnold S. says..."I'll be back!"

Best regards,