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: Minor Keel Repair

03-05-2000, 02:30 PM
Both the previous owner of my boat & myself always launched from a trailer at ramps where there was no dock. Therefore, each launch & retrieve required beaching the boat. Now, after four seasons, the front part of the keel is very "worn". In fact, the gel-coat is completely gone, exposing the raw fiberglass, in a strip about 1" wide & 30" long. This is not really a structural problem, but it will only get worse so, I should repair it. My thoughts are:
(1) Gel-coat repair kit
(2) resin/epoxy
(3) saw in a catalog a Kevlar strip with a heat activated adhesive that claims to solve this problem permanently.

(1) Would be the most aesthetically pleasing, but it would just keep coming back.

(2) Would be more durable, but may not look so good.

(3) Sounds like a great idea, but it may just be a gimmick product.

Any input from boat owners with similar problems and repair results would be appreciated.


Bob Pink
03-05-2000, 02:41 PM
Not my are of expertise but you might be looking at a combination of these options to really set it up right. Methinks that the resin/epoxy as a base with the kevlar keel-liner would make the most durable fix. The important thing is to get it sealed up. From what I know, voids in th gel-coat allow moisture to spread under the gel and eventually cause problems over a wide area....
For all of our sakes, could you post what you finally decide is best?

03-06-2000, 08:02 AM
Funny. I spent the weekend finishing my boat repair job that I started last fall. I'm just about ready! I was out there screwing in the last few stainless bolts and brass screws when it snow squalled on me, twice. Weird time of year.