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: Christmas in April! Goodies in the mail.

05-03-2003, 04:43 PM
To great packages awaiting me when I got back from Seattle.

BobK (aka Bob Krawczyk) with some of the coolest looking summer run fly's I've seen in quite awhile. These are his ties of the post I put up earlier on a neat 'wolly bugger' looking pattern. Also enclosed was a great looking winter run come deep water multi coloured fly. This hummer will be a real bottom sweeper .... already tied to the end of a 600 grain Big Boy on the B and W 18 footer.

In the salmon fly dept. Jerry Daschofsky (Northwest River Fisherman in Tacoma) also sent me severl different salmon ties. One of the patterns done on circle hooks. VERY COOL stuff!!! Can't wait to try the circle hooks on Mr. King. :devil:

Many thank you's to you both!!!

Now if I could just get Joan to go on another two-three week trips Pooch and I could get in some serious river time.:D

05-03-2003, 06:18 PM
The "summer run" fly was given the name, "Goat Fly" by the proprietor of "Up the Creek", my local fly emporium. He calls it that for the angora goat fur-dubbed body. Super Lake Ontario steelie fly, too. It is my "go-to" pattern.

The colorful one is a creation of mine I call "The Partial Spectrum". That's only because "The Full Spectrum" has purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue in it - every color of the spectrum. (I sent Hal one of these.)

Your "Partial" only had purple, pink, orange and yellow in it. (Good fall pattern for us here on lake-run Chinooks).

If you would like, you can post pics of these - me, I am too computer illiterate (read "dumb") to get good pics on the web.

If you do, and anyone wants the recipe(s), I'll be glad to pass 'em along.


05-03-2003, 06:36 PM
I can relate .... she just got a new electronic camera, and gave me her old one. Clueless on how to upload the pictures into my computer.

05-05-2003, 01:24 PM
Bob-- I would love to have patterns for kings, and the spectrum series sounds worthy of a look. Please forward the pattern and thanks.

Fred-- If I could help you upload, I would. You will need some kind of photo-handling program on your computer. It's very likely that your wife got a CD with the appropriate software with her camera, and loading that into your machine is one option. Then you need a card reader that plugs into one of the USB ports on your 'puter.

If you're running a Mac and an Olympus camera, I might be able to coach you through it, but if not, I can only give you general suggestions.


05-05-2003, 02:35 PM
her machine so I'll ask her to 'scan' the flys and post them to her web-shots site. Posting them there seems a bit 'bass-ackwards' but you can really blow up the pictures off of her site.

05-05-2003, 07:28 PM
Okay - here is the pattern for the "Full Spectrum".
Hook - No. 5 or larger spey hook
Thread - black
Eyes - 1/8 oz. Lead dumbbell - yellow w/black center works well.
Tail - Blue zonker-cut died rabbit (Note - if low on material I will
use synthetic blue or dyed arctic fox.)
From rear to front of hook - cross-cut rabbit strips in the following sequence:
Chartreuse green;

Tie on the eyes well and securely at the front of the hook. Build a good base of thread to the bend. Tie in the blue tail and trim. Tie in the chartreuse green strip at the rear, and make two or three wraps; tie off and trim. Now tie in the yellow strip, and make two or three wraps, tie off and trim. Continue in like fashion with the orange, red, and purple. Just watch the spacing so that they fit in without overcrowding. When finished, make a small head, whip finish, and cement. That's it.

The "partial spectrum" is essentially the same fly. For it, though, I simply use colors from the front half of the fly, for example:
Hook, eyes and thread - same as "full".
Tail: Zonker strip in either orange or yellow (whatever turns you on!)
Body colors, rear to front:

Nothing hard here. This is the one that Fred likes.

The reason for the names? Well, it the "full spectrum" has the full range of visible colors (or spectrum), while the partial spectrum just has just some of the colors of the spectrum.

Yeah, I know, dumb - but us retired scientists have to make it scientific just for the hell of it so we can have some fun!:hehe:


05-05-2003, 08:53 PM
I guess I should've sent that package with my online name eh? That was me, I send most of my stuff with my preprinted business labels. LOL.

So, Northwest River Fisherman was me. Hope you like them. Like I told you, the one is wild, and has caught a ton of tidal flux kings for me last fall. Still haven't named them yet (except the shrimp patterns are simply that, shrimp patterns). The other one has no name yet.

Hope you like them.