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: Round one!

03-02-2000, 05:40 PM
Well, after only a single fly tying session this winter the arrival of bugs and birds to the local scene has got me thinking about searching out a March memory from over 20 years ago. The memory was one of a quiet south shore pond with a dirt road around it and a mysterious inlet stream, brookies rising everywhere and a bright red fillet in the pan.

the son of a former employer of my friend (say that twice) "Uncle" Russ Jr, took us 4x4 down a road somewhere near Miles Standish State Park to a place he thought of as Gallows Pond, but more recent reports from sleuth Mike Powers indicate a misnomer.

So the mystery begins, and the opportunity arises. I am headed to Smitty's Workshop this weekend, just a short shot up the road from this enigma. If I can remember the 2000 FW license and where I put my bitty bug box, I'll be scratching around the area in search of the mystery inlet pond with the holdeover (dare I say *wild*?) brookies.

For many, the season never stopped - for me, this is officially round one >ding!<