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: Some people shouldn't......

02-28-2000, 05:52 PM
There I was...tying my first fly on my new vice. A simple chartreuse/ white clouser...looking fact fly I'm feeling that is going to qualify as my best attempt yet, in my VERY new hobby.....whip finish....started to say to myself..."well, all right!"....Then I see the dumbell eyes were put on the wrong side of the hook...DOH!!

Doug B.

02-28-2000, 09:17 PM
Been there, done that!

Well at least you're tying. I've only tied once this winter, I should thank the young flyfishing enthusiast for getting me off my butt.

Nothing like gettin' them on your own fly... it won't be long now! Albies, Bonito - this is your year Doug.

02-28-2000, 10:33 PM

Keep the fly! It will still work when the schoolies are thick.

02-29-2000, 05:56 AM
I know the feeling.

Like Sully said, save it. Some guys tie for bones or permit like that, on a sandy bottom it'll kick up some dust & let them know it's there.