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02-28-2000, 12:18 AM

IMHO this board seems way too fragmented to deal with upcoming fishing reports. Thats what made another board so great. I would love to see this board florish and grow but when the good stuff hit's the oscillating device, fishing reports are KING! And the SWFF NE region area of the U.S. seems to support this. Just my .02

It's not that far away.!!!!

02-28-2000, 07:13 AM
Sully -

Thanks as usual for the feedback. Throwing all posts into a single pile is the way most of us are used to doing his BB thing. Although it has a certain positive dynamic, it also has a lot of minuses.

For instance, it only works if regionally focused. It generates more noise than value. It's hard to find information down the road.

On the plus side it's easy to use. It generates a very intense level of focused discussion. Usually everyone knows everyone else and can get together for a beer easily.

My plan has been to incorporate regionally focused BB's all along, but there are other options that might work better than creating our own. I am pursuing a couple of these options now.

Here's the vision - we are the borg. We build a network of regionally focused BB's and thus become an entity to be reckoned with. Does the borg bother to spawn new children?

That's all I will say for now. We have the ideas but others have the money and the momentum behind them and I need to be cautious until we get there ourselves.

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