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: FB Yellow popper

04-22-2003, 08:25 PM
Very simple attractor popper... about 6 inches long.... yellow stomach, pink sides reflect though.. with yellow grizzly on upper sides and top. Inside ,on the hook shank ,yellow bucktail with 360 pearl comes alive.

Dble Haul
04-22-2003, 09:09 PM
Perfectly seamless!

04-22-2003, 10:20 PM
John, are you tieing that like a tube fly? That looks like a varvias hook, but the shank isn't that long.

04-22-2003, 10:35 PM
Eddie.. I have not tied tube flies... but maybe I should... don't get me going ;) .... but this has just a short cone foam popper... the epoxy stops yat the back of the popper... and the feathers are relatively firm... I am just laying them on the side of the popper with goop ,then two coats of epoxy... that' it... How would you tie these on tub flies....

04-23-2003, 07:30 AM
John - Another beautiful creation!

04-23-2003, 07:52 AM
HMH makes an inexpensive tube fly kit 20 bucks to get you started.
In that fly, I would run a plastic tube(the end of the ink resovour in a bic pen for instance) through the foam and have it stick out an eighth of an inch or so. Then I would slide an eighth of an inch of flexable clear tube(like from a fish tank) over that. This will hold a short shank hook in place so that the body can be as long as you want.

05-01-2003, 01:16 PM
Looking at Boarmountain's recent flatwing squid fly, I got to thinking about the siliclone that Bob Pop ties in his book to look like a yellow/white bomber. John, how about a slider-type popper with those colors, but incorporating what you've done with these flatwing poppers?

05-01-2003, 03:58 PM
Chris..I will be getting into that..I will aslo be getting into carving different ones out of Balsa wood. "FlyTyer" Magazine wants to do my Flounder and Crab in the Fall issue.. and after that they want to do some poppers..so by that Time I will have abunch of different stuff..all tested this summer.

05-01-2003, 05:25 PM
Cool! You're quite an innovator at the bench, keep those saltwater patterns coming...