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02-20-2000, 03:28 PM
Don't get me wrong. I am nowhere near fishing alongside the likes of our (England's) World Championship Team Members - but England has a pretty good record when it comes to the World Championships. If only I could!

I have the priveledge of knowing England Member (Angler and Team Management) Mike Childs, who has fished for the World Chamionship Team, Managed them, Coached them and qualified to fish for the "Home Internationals" (more in another post!).

Mike in an Entrepreneur in all senses. He even managed and captained AND won the World's biggest Flyfishing contest - the Bensons & Hedges (now the "Hardy's"). So forgive me for being a little optimistic for good old blighty! Watch out for those Poles & Czechs though! The can show most the way home with their specially weighted nymphs on the rivers.

I asked Mike for the competition's web site and here it is (Mike reckons it is a little out of date - but this is the UK!):-

I also have the priveledge of knowing multi-World Champion Jerremy Herrman, who was a fellow member of "Draycote Flyfishers Club". On the few occaisions when I finished ahead of him in competitions, I was so quietly satisfied with myself, and daren't share this others!

Look out for the WFFC results on the web. I'm sure they will not be out of date if we win!

tight lines,