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: What do You Think?

02-19-2000, 11:31 PM
OK I'm posting this here to prove I'm neutral.

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Here is a board that I just happened to check out. IMHO it has the look and speed of BBS5. My intention is to help all involved in the pursuit of quality fishing time. That's all folks! I'm not advocating this board. I'm just making a comparison.

02-20-2000, 10:21 AM
Sully -

Just to be straight, it's great to have you around this forum! Neutrality is never in question, and your involvement is certainly appreciated.

Some of you were around when we were testing a bunch of different BB software options. One was very similar to that one but it actually had a few extra features that were in some ways superior to Saltwater Sportsman's board. You could collapse and expand threads, or look at them in three different views.

We evaluated four over all. I decided to keep this one because the other boards get highly conversational, and not much is kept for posterity. I had hoped this forum would be something of a self-perpetuating archive, particularly in the fly pattern archives and other categories.

The good news is that we are educated about the other forums and can plug them in in a day or two. I am considering providing the other style forum for general discussion and keeping this one for product reviews and fly patterns.

Your thoughts?

02-20-2000, 11:01 AM
Well, instead of working on the new page layout as I had hoped, I spent some time perusing the saltwater sportsman site. Overall, I got the impression that I was reading a magazine - without the magazine. The stories are deferred to something you get with a subscription, sometime later on somewhere else. Clearly their intent is to sell you the magazine.

Although I agree with their arrangement of the active forum as a "what's happening NOW" thing (the same plan we've had all along), the rest of their forums are just more piles of conversational "chat" that are not real-time. You'd have to spend a lot of time to get anything of value out of it due to the low quality of the average post (IMHO).

They clearly have the opportunity to create a lot of interest, particularly if they connect the resources of their magazine into the conversational element of their fourms, but despite being a small fry in the game right now I have hopes of being a better fish than they are as an overall web experience. I don't see their site as a place where I can get involved, or make anything happen in the world of flyfishing. Despite their offering exactly the kind of contest I want to offer someday (same island too!) I don't feel like I can get involved and get anything for my efforts.

Great forum though, I'll put them on our list of "cool links" for saltwater.