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: Fly Tying Clave report

02-17-2000, 01:30 PM
Well our own Mr. Sully was gracious enough to host his first tying clave. As a member of the Stoneybrook Fish and Game Association, Sully was able to use this great facility in Westford, MA. The club has a beautiful room lined with various taxidermy on the main floor and a lounge downstairs.
Though turnout seemed a bit shy, 5 of us whipped up a storm. I was overwhelmed by the ammount of tying materials 5 guys can produce. And the patterns, jeez, there was so much to see and learn.
With no agenda, we basically sat down and started tying those flies which we each have been working at lately. So right away 5 different patterns were being twisted up. The lesson here is it doesn't take many tyers to make one of these succesful.
As a new tyer I leaned on these guys to help me with a few problem areas and help they did. Thank you again Mr. Sully for the hand whip finish lesson, and thank you Nathan for the crab pattern lesson. Look forward to the next one, afterall,
it's still february you again Sully for a job well done.

02-18-2000, 12:11 AM

You're Welcome. Thanks to all (Terry, Bob, Tod & Nathan) I hope you had fun. I know I did.

It's a good size hall that I could possibly rent for a future event and with some help bring in a few Professional Tyers to complement the whole affair. Not to say that Nate and Bob can't pound out the flys. Geez, I was gonna ask them for their autographs and their union cards the way those two banged them off.

Juro, thanks for making it at the end. It was nice to see you again. You did the right thing. Family obligations ALWAYS come first! Just MHO.

Bob Pink
02-18-2000, 12:03 PM

Many thanks for being the gracious host for the tie-in this week. Fun to work on some new patterns and check out materials. A truly great facility for that type event. We should see if we can rally a larger group. With the amount of salvage computer hardware that's being retired these days, your epoxy dryer design could be an ultimate in materials recycling.


02-18-2000, 06:12 PM
Great seeing everyone again at Stony Brook. That sure is a nice facility Sully. It has capacity for 50-75 tyers, although the flying feather bits from that bash would put a chicken orgy to shame

I wonder if we could make it a regular get-together? Perhaps one guy could volunteer to show a pattern to the group each meeting and the rest would be free-form tying and sharing.

One of the neatest patterns to share are the fly-dryer patterns... low rpm motor, mount, foam disc, etc. I feel like a schmuck for having bought one!


Tod D
02-18-2000, 11:14 PM

Thanks again or the hospitality & to Bob, Nathan & Terry as well for taking a novice flytier under their collective wing (hackle?)...

Sully - meant to ask you for additional details on your fly drier. Feel a bit silly asking, but where would I find a motor suitable for building one?

Juro - great to see you. Glad to finally share my Labrador pics.


02-19-2000, 04:40 PM

Mine came out of an old printer. However when I first posed the question on the Reel Time BBS I got all kinds of good suggestions. You could use one from an old microwave rotisserie. Terry I believe used on from a cassette player. Some also suggested Cabelas catalog had one to be used in building rods.

The motor in mine is a 24DCV turning at 14 RPM's. It's made by Colman Motor Products Inc. Darlington WI, I hope this helps.