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: Images (how to) ?

02-13-2000, 10:29 AM
Does an image have to be published on the Web in order to post is as part of a message?

I see the tag and have attempted to to use it as follows:


No luck.

02-13-2000, 10:40 AM
The image does have to reside on a Web srever some where for the IMG tag to work: SRC=""

There are many ways of accomplishing a form fed upload, that is, saving a file from your desktop to the server's by way of a special HTML form and backend script. Juro, I blieve PHP3 supports this. If that's currently turned off, there may be a Perl way to do it, but I don't know it off the top of my head. I'll look into it and post what I find. Jim, if you attach the image to me in an email, I'll place it on my personal web server at home and reply with the URL. Congrats on the new daughter!!


02-13-2000, 06:29 PM
Jim - congratulations to you and your wife on the new arrival! If we start putting the pressure on Sesame street now, we ought to have double-haul Elmo out by the time she's a toddler.

The way the [img=] tag works as Al says is to point to an http server somewhere. Looks like Al has you covered but if you ever need to, feel free to upload it to in the directory "incoming" if you wish, and let me know it's there. I'll put it in an image directory and let you know where you can point to it.

(Thanks as usual Al!)

02-14-2000, 08:15 AM
Following your advice to Jim, I uploaded 2 files of my dryer into the incoming directory (DPG prefixes), as step 1 in my reply to SSully. Now what? I'm lost here.


02-14-2000, 11:16 AM
Marvin, Jim -

I moved them into "incoming/images" so you can point to them now. They are at the URL <!--nohttp--><a href="" target="_blank"></a><!--url-->

or to see a listing try <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"></a><!--url-->

You could link them as a <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank">link</a><!--url--> or as an image" border="0"> according to your choice.

Click on the icon for an explanation of other things you can do.

Nice work! Let's here the story behind them. Let's sell them! <img src="

I think that the best thing to do in the future is to set up a free web location like w/ Netscape...
<!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> free webpage </a><!--url-->

and then just use that url to show the picture here or anywhere for that matter.

!One request - please keep the images smaller and/or more compact in byte size! 20k is a good guideline for maximum size.


02-14-2000, 09:22 PM
Thanks, that did the trick.