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: fly line breaking strength

04-11-2003, 04:31 PM
I've read some reports on fishing for BBFT in which the fly line broke. I know we had some data somewhere on the board about fly line breaking strength but I can't seem to find it with a search. The search showed anywhere from 16# for a 9wt line (which suprises the heck out of me) to a general estimate of 30#. That 30# concerns me as I was planning on using 40# flourocarbon for my tippet. I've got a 14wt line but I don't know the brand off the top of my head - I think it is SciA.

04-11-2003, 05:36 PM
Good question. Based on experience I'd say it's stronger than 20#.

I think a call to whichever line manufacturer your line is from will answer this question. I know I'm calling Cortland Monday.


04-11-2003, 08:21 PM
Hawkeye, and Roop,
:) I wrote about it back sometime last fall when I had a flyline break on a large striper. I questioned a couple of the line manufacturers. The line breakage is between 30, and 35 lbs. This is why one wants to fish bluewater with a leader which is between 16, and 20 lbs. with either wire, or 60 to 80 lb tippet. Lefty Kreh has an excellent chapter in his books on leaders. :)

04-11-2003, 08:40 PM
Funny that I'm the guy that thinks that gel spun backing is perfectly safe but I think you would be CRAZY:eyecrazy: :whoa: :( to flyfish with 40# tippet.
Fly lines are not that stong, backing is not that strong(50# gel spun has terrible knot strength), you rod is not that strong, and you(or anybody for that matter) are not that strong. But the real reason I would recomend against it is that the possibility of loose line looping around something as the fish gets on the reel in the blink of an eye is more than a little scary.
I don't think that 20# tippet is too light for fly gear, and I like my tippet to be the weak link.

04-12-2003, 07:16 AM
The safety issue is one reason the IGFA refused to add the Big Game category to its record keeping. Fishing with loose line in the boat and using more than 20lb test is just asking for a disaster. I don't care that you have a knife or pliers on you. If a big fish drags you overboard everything will happen so fast I doubt you'd ever get a chance to use it. If you know how to fight a fish correctly 20lb is plenty strong enough, and yet it should still be your winkest link which is the intent.

Bob Pink
04-12-2003, 04:25 PM
I can personally vouch for having a break section in your leader when fishing big game. Particularly important if you need a heavy tippet to protect against chafing from a gill plate or tail. I had a bft crash a fly that was dead-drifting close to the boat last year and as Murphy is always present my left foot was perfectly positioned inside one of the loose coils of flyline on the deck. Three seconds later it was tight around my thigh and if all I had was the 40# tippet I might have had some serious issues. Instead the 20# break section ahead of the tippet popped.
I was bummed but still standing on the foredeck.... OK by me!

And I belive the rule of thumb for flyline break strength is 35 - 38#

04-14-2003, 11:01 AM
Hey Hawkeye

I've never done bluefin, but I've got more than a few yellowfin to #38 (I'm not sure I want a #50 pounder:D ), pacific sails, and yellowtail under the old belt. Not braggin', you want to catch those fish, all you have to do is go where they are. Anyway, my standard class tippet is #15 pound Berkley Big Game, which seems to break around #17 to #22 pounds :chuckle: I only use twenty if I'm going straight to the fly with it. Hook up your heaviest rod to a fish scale and have a buddy read the pounds while you put as much pressure as you dare. Not the same as fishing because the scale doesn't fight back, but you will be shocked at how little pressure you are willing to put on the rod. #15 is more than strong enough, and when you need to you can easily point at the fish and give a tug and both of you are done with each other.

Industry folks will tell you to assume #30 pound breakage on your fline, regardless of weight (we're talking 8 weight and above here). Has to do with core, not the plastic around the core.

Go get 'em and be "safe not silly" as my Mom used to say on Friday nights when I was a young buck :smokin:

04-14-2003, 12:29 PM
Bob -

That was a close call! Of course with a pegleg all you'd need is a parrot on the shoulder and an eye patch to rule the seas! OK - bad joke. ;)

Seriously, glad to hear your attention to detail paid off, I'll keep everyone's advice in mind should I go for BFT's this year.

04-14-2003, 03:35 PM
Thanks guys! I think I will keep the tippet big for abrasion resistance but place a breakaway section in the leader as per the venerable Mr. Pinks post.