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04-10-2003, 05:00 PM
Good afternoon,
I read all of the post's for the "Future...?" thread multiple times and found overall great input! Striblue wrote that he thought it sounded like the begining of a plan, well it could be a shift into the next stage, if we want it to be. Nate eluded to a bit of the site's history, I always wondered why the Spey Pages were so strong. Fly Fishing Forum does grow daily and it is because of the people involved, but I did not mean to imply that the site was lacking, that was not my intention. I will say this, that even the best fishing system, needs maintainence, upgrade and overview on a regular basis.
Hawkeye and Roop are both pleased with the site and its direction, but Roop saw areas for change, fostering of discussion groups plus getting "new" members involved, what I call our "silent" majority. I have spent some time tracking new members, and some fall through the cracks. The other area of concern in the same breath is the almost complete lack of women participants.
Seuss asked me to specify some areas in which our "resource" was lacking;
1- There was a recent N.Y.T. article that was about a site similar to ours in name and content. Sugestions were made by others and myself to confront this"shot across our bow" and set the record straight. If this was handled, good, but I was unaware. If not, then in the future, we should always defend our resource.
2- Trade Shows / From what I can tell, this is one of our years greatest outside resources for new membership, reconecting with business, friends, and fellow members. I feel that this resource needs to be reviewed and critiqued to make our future shows even greater sucesses!
3- And the "F" word. Finances! This should be discussed off-line amongst the comittee, but discussed none the less, for it is a key part of this resource. Like a favorite stream or river or lake, there are many factors that make it function. Each has to be watched regularly, and steps taken to keep it healthy!
John Desjardians gave me good solid input, focusing on key membership areas and fishing venues we can work on. He and I are now colaborating on his idea to marry the Bug Doc. articles with Fly Tying articles featuring the same species to help broaden intrest in the Trout section. Striblue chimed in again with areas that he thought could be expanded on. But to him as well as others, again and again, it's the people that make this site so great. And I must agree, it should always be about the people, contributors and readers alike. We should strive for the goal, that all the membership enjoy this experience.
Juros message was measured. We are fortunate to have the connections with such great organizations and the people behind them. But even Juro saw areas of improvement such as the Tropics, Trout, etc. I think our future includes even broader relationships, business and personal, worldwide! We should foster and nurture these and include others that have not been tapped yet!
There are many fly fishing sites, but only one Fly Fishing Forum! They are talking about us, they are copying us, we are the one that is looked at, we are the one that sets the standard! I am now working on some forward movement to present to the Forum in the near future. Growth is good! Direction is good! That is what this site was founded on, The direction of a Dream, and the Fruit of that Growth
Thanks again for the input!

04-10-2003, 11:22 PM
Good post.... I remember when I started here and with the Spey pages and everything else, including Juro's tireless work orgainizing outings and contributions this has really grown to be something Beyond the forum... that is ... as we get together , like the Cape outing comming up is a testimony to the strength we have here... I would love to see women contributing but it may seem daunting to them to get involved.. I don't know what to do about that( I know my wife would flip out, though).... But I also see an incedible number of people joining in... I would like to see more.... I was at a function this evening Called the "Boston Fly Casters Club"... sort of Boston's copy of 'The New York Anglers Club" as a guest of Brendan O'Brian.. alot of Salmon and trout guys... few saltwater people . Several are members of Both Clubs.... I was roaming around telling anyone who would listen that the Forum was a resourse for all kinds of things..... What I am saying is that with the booths at the shows and our word of mouth.. things will grow as well... we do need to think "simple" though.. This Club I went to tonight was a high end group,, and there were incedible auction items since it was there anual action.... Montana trips, Cuttyhunk trips, Private trout pound all within driving distance of Boston.. I was amazed . But even they seem to keep it simple.. I would not be surprised someday if they don't have a physical location for ther meetings etc..... Our physivcal location is on the water... I am making no point here just saying that I would want to move slowly on some of these initiatives because we need to know or agree on where we want to go first but no lose sight of what brought us together in the first place .... and that formula still works...

04-11-2003, 09:18 PM
Thanks for the response. I think the pace of all this will be uniform, temperate. Hell, some of it will be like draging a Bull Elk out of the woods. I mean, Im just one guy, and I don't think for a moment that I am the only one. I know all the "regulars" here promo the site, including yourself. This is measured growth that goes on 360. People did it before me, and now I do it. Its my standard "ice breaker", the question, "do you fly fish?" It makes me smile, to think of the next time I get to ask it.

04-11-2003, 10:07 PM
I agree...... and lets write some short stories about what it's like to fly fish... ya!