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: Last Chance to Save Area 9!

Leland Miyawaki
04-08-2003, 02:28 PM
Fellow Flyfishers,

I have heard from sources that we have one last chance for a last minute stay of execution.

If you are concerned about the closure of this beach fishery (and boats too), send an email to WDFW Director Koenings at:

Here is what I sent. Please DO NOT COPY. It will be much more effective if it is your own words.

We are in the last hour of our appeal process. Send asap.


Dear Jeff,

I am very upset that the WDFW is closing Area 9 to all salmon fishing during July in exchange for a chinook kill season during April.

Isn't this closing terribly unfair to people who, during tough economic times, are looking for an inexpensive summer holiday at the Area 9 state parks (Casey, So. Whidbey, Flagler etc.) who will want to fish from the beach; don't have or can't afford boats; and definitely those of us ply the beaches with our flyrods in the best area in Puget Sound to catch and release salmon from the beach?

I implore you to intervene in the North of Falcon process going on now in Vancouver and stop this July closure in Area 9 and show me that the WDFW has a social conscience.

Thank you,

Leland Miyawaki
Kent, Wa.