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: Saltwater 6-weight... action?

04-06-2003, 06:49 PM
Hi All,
I'm going to be building another 6-weight rod for saltwater (beefed-up hardware, oversized guides, fighting butt, etc.), mostly for tossing flies size 4 and under to seatrout and other relatively small seafare. The first 6-wt. I built for this purpose was a medium-fast action and, in my opinion, better suited for a 5-weight line, so it became my "general" trout stick. I'm looking at using an SCIV blank this time, 4-piece. My question is, what type of action do you prefer in a rod when tossing relatively large flies with light line? I tend to have a quick casting stroke, so I think that the fast action of the SCIV blank will work well, but I'm open to any comments on using a slower action.

Pat Bahan
04-07-2003, 05:34 PM
Chris, Have you looked at Anglers Workshop 3 & 4piece Salt Stalker blanks? VERY nice.
I'm currently building a 6wt from Cabela's 5 pc Stowaway. Not as fast I don't think.
I always found fast desirable in the salt. Bucks wind better and has more reserve fighting power in the butt when needed.