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: Area 9 Closure Update

Leland Miyawaki
04-06-2003, 03:16 PM
We have identified the bad guys in this issue. It is the Charter Boat Association of Puget Sound.

They have pushed the WDFW to trade the July no kill chinook season in Area 9 for an April chinook kill season.

Don't you all find it most interesting that in every other state with shoreline fisheries, the charter boat guides have been amongst the leaders and even in the forefront of fish conservation? It seems that in Puget Sound, this group would rather kill their livlihood than preserve it.

Here is an excerpt from Pat Patillo's agenda for the PFMC meeting next week:

8) Area 9 July closure - We have had an enormous amount of public input on the July closure since Wednesday, mainly from beach fishing public and especially those who fish catch&release (mainly fly fishers) who were alerted to our likely rule change. Expect more discussion on this issue Tuesday.