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: More Yak Hair Tying

02-07-2000, 08:06 AM
I decided to take a run up to see a shop I never been in before, American Anglers in Salem N.H. Not a bad outfit. Prices weren't bad on most things. What was amazing though was I found some Yak Hair Striper Flies like the ones I'm trying to tie lately (see "$6.00 Fly" thread). They had a price tag of $12.00! Now, when the veterens of tying say you never save money tying, I start to doubt it when I see I'm tying $12.00 flies!

Anyway, I'm getting the recipe down on them Yakkers. LAst night I had to start over after getting 1/3 done. I realized I needed some bucktail on the back of the shank <i><b>before </i></b>the ezbody spreader goes on. And I found I needed to leave more space between the spreader and the hook eye for tying down stuff.
Interesting things you learn. Soon I should be able to crank them out. After a dozen I can move on to some Pollock for the Nahant and Rockport cliffs. Then the bunnies for the cape, then.....Help!


02-07-2000, 08:26 AM
Terry-Sounds like you have the bug bad. Happy tying.ronl

02-07-2000, 09:13 AM
Terry -

I would also consider corresponding with Jeff Smith of Tip of the Cape. He is really jazzed about yak hair flies and may offer you some good advice.

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Tell him I sent you!


02-07-2000, 09:36 AM
Have talked with Jeff already due to another list member pointing me in his direction. Jeff has been most helpful. Nice site too. I hope I can cast those things! Spring run Merrimack here I come.