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: Flat Wing Swap- Brian Fleury

04-05-2003, 12:15 PM
Here are Brian's Flys..please post materials and directions..Thanks. Can anyone spot the Gibbs striper fly look alike?

04-06-2003, 05:55 AM
Senator Blutarsky,
It appears I should mailed my flies in in box. Sort of disheveled... 7 are Bonderew Bucktails, the back one is a big herring fly that I couldn't have given the recipe to 5 minutes after I tied it. The little orange one is a three feather RLS Ruthless clamworm. There is a Silver Outcast I saw Steve Cook tie that I liked. It may be the purple, this was the color of the popsicles I always liked. The Gibbs Striper fly conversion is or something similar to one I saw stuck in foam beside Joe Cordeiro I believe. I really liked the 'fishiness' it emanated. Single feather flatwing, feather is of medium width and somewhat uniform taper. Blue over white bucktail or white bucktail behind blue hollow fleye style. The 'other' JC feather as an eye. Also, 2 strips of silver flashabou longer than feather and silver body braid body. Silver, blue and white seem to go together well. Elegant and simple.