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: New toy

01-29-2000, 10:53 AM
Oh boy!! Just went out on an impulse and bought a 9x9 Redington 4 piece Saltwater series. So, so sweet to cast. I won't say it rivals Sage's top of the line, but it blows the Sage middle of the line out of the water in terms of castability.

Can't wait to christen it on the Florida Gulf coast....which reminds me: I should say a prayer!

Hear me, ye gods of snow and sleet and take pity on we poor mortals with but two weeks of vacation time per year! Avert your most fearsome wrath from the airports and runways of our travels, on earth and as it is in the flight corridor. Give us this clear runway, our yearly due, and forgive us our oversized carry ons as we try hard to be nice to the flight attendants even though they are bitches. Lead us not into the fray but deliver us from overbooking. Amen.

01-29-2000, 01:19 PM
So the RPLXi wasn't good enuf for ya? Nice rod choice, I think Redington is doing some real disruptive things in the marketplace... like making it easy to get great stuff at reasonable prices! What with the new reels, rods from entry to DFR class, waders, and some of the best felt boots short of Danners I've seen.

Have a great trip in FLA and we look forward to your report.

bon voyage,

01-29-2000, 03:33 PM
Thanks! Yeah, I decided not to risk your Sage after a few candid phone conversations with Continental Airlines. They basically told me that given the dimensions of the case, I would offically have to check it. They said I might be able to stow it in the gally as Sully suggested. However, when flights are heavily booked, that space becomes less available. The superbowl and the freezing NE temps has increased Florida travel towfold. This coupled with a stop and change of planes in Cleveland convinced me that it wasn't worth the risk. The price was right on the Redington and it even came with a 31" hard case. That lifetime, no questions asked guarantee was the clincher.

01-29-2000, 04:04 PM
Well, with an attache' rod you'll never be without! Talking about redington, a nice 9/10 large arbor shure wood look good on that puppy! You know I love Lamson's but those new reels are growing on me. What a deal for a big spey reel (the 13/14).

Spooled one up for Jay Clancy today, as soon as it was lined up I thought - wow what a nice spey reel.

Hope you decide to bring the LP4... it's small.

01-29-2000, 04:50 PM

Great joice, this years version is made from the same graphite composites, taper and flex as the DFR. The only difference is the walls of the blank are thicker. I have not yet cast one, but if they cast like the DFRs it will be a canon.

01-29-2000, 05:51 PM

I tossed a Type II sinking line in the parking lot with a stiff head wind and no fly on the leader. I was able to shoot 60- 70' without much effort. I've never thrown the DFR, but so far this more rod than I would have hoped for in the ~$300 price category.