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03-31-2003, 08:50 AM
Softball sign ups, school commitee, quick trip to West Marine & HD taking forever....

Get back to the house & it's raining, throw the cover back on the boat and get to work.

1 out of 4 electrical components installed 80% of the way. At least I was able to power it up and confirm that everything works.

Wake up to snow covering the ride this AM....:eyecrazy:

03-31-2003, 11:26 AM

I got the majority of the work done on the trailer. Now when I put my left directional on it blinks, before all the lights blinked:rolleyes:

I too was working on the console wiring. Not as fun as what you're up to, I'm rewiring old crapy electronics. I was soldering away when the front blew in. I did not cover the boat and now it's full of snow. Ahhh Spring.

They say getting there is half the fun.

03-31-2003, 01:25 PM
Roop -

I remember the days of working on my own center console out in Puget Sound country between salmon seasons... working a hard 60-70 hour work week trying to get things completed before the fish got the call to migrate, etc. Similar feeling but do yourself a favor and on the next warm night after a long day at work, pull off the cover and sit at the console in the dark with all the instrumentation on, no bright pole lights, just the glow of the electronics and the nav lights. :smokin:

Man I sure miss my boat!

03-31-2003, 03:15 PM
Jim - I was out there cutting & fiberglass & wring under a temporary cover... got a little wet but aftewards, sitting there drinking a beer with a wet dog enjoying the faint blue glow of electronics.... :D

03-31-2003, 03:36 PM
Can't wait to see what a school of BBFT look like on your big screen:D