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: Steelhead Genetic Diversity

03-24-2003, 11:42 PM
Wild Steelhead Coalition Meeting
Wednesday, April 2, 2003 7:00 PM (6:30 Social)
Bothell American Legion Post
19213 Bothell Way NE, Bothell, WA

You are invited to attend the Wild Steelhead Coalition’s April meeting. Be sure to join us for a great evening full of important information/discussion regarding wild steelhead.

April Program/Guest Speaker: Carl Ostberg
Western Fisheries Research Center, USGS

Presentation Title: Genetics, and the evolutionary history and lineages of steelhead and rainbow trout.

Description: Carl will provide an elementary back ground on the genetic Methods and techniques that are commonly used to examine the diversity between and within populations. He will also discuss the evolution and radiation of the species and provide some interesting examples local to the state of Washington . This discussion will shed much light on the reality of conservation management with respect to genetics and help answer questions pertaining to hatchery and wild interactions, differentiating wild progeny from wild X hatchery progeny, kinship, and divergent populations, to name a few.

Bio: M.Sc. in Zoology from Washington State University, 1997, where Carl studied chromosomal and DNA differences in rainbow trout/steelhead inwestern Washington. Carl currently works as a fisheries biologist at WesternFisheries Research Center, US Geological Survey where his main focus isexamining hybridization between various cutthroat trout subspecies and rainbow/steelhead.

A question and answer period will follow has well as a overview of other WSC business. Feel free to show up at 6:30 PM to meet some of the WSC Members and hear about how the WSC is working to preserve the legacy of wild steelhead!

For more information contact Rich Simms at or phone 425-880-4254. Also visit our website at for information regarding the WSC.