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: couple of questions about flytying and 1 about blank i.d.

01-18-2000, 09:00 PM

I'd like to comment that I really like this board, even more so than the new reel time configuration. I don't know if you have it, but a spell checker would be nice.

Anyway, I broke out the vise last night and started to tie up some patterns. I was spurred on by a trip to the craft store that yielded some sheets of closed cell foam and glass beads. After tying up some glass-bead caddis larvae and a couple of Chernobyl ants I was ready to tie up some saltwater patterns (the bigger patterns are easier after an extended layoff!).

I'd like to know if anyone has used the pattern featured in the most recent FlyFishermen Magazine, specifically the SW patterns by Dave Whitlock? They are tied on hooks that are bent back and resemble juvenile herring or shad, and can be modified to fish shallow or deep. I thought they looked pretty good, and was interested in opinions of people who fish them, or have used them.

In the course of tying the small caddis flies, I inserted a size 16 caddis hook in the vice and launched it across the room. My wife wasn't all that impressed with my trick shot and went looking for some safety glasses to continue watching TV with. When I went to re-insert the hook I noticed that the ends of the jaws were chipped. This has happened before with really small hooks (sz. 20-22 dry fly hooks), but never with a hook as big as this. I have read other threads regarding this problem and am considering sending the vise back for a replacement set of jaws. Have any of you had the jaws chip on your regal, and how was the manufacturer to del with?

The last question for the night is the identity of a blank on my LL Bean Quest 9wt rod. I really like the action of the rod and how the rod casts. However, I put a nick in the blank, probably with a lead-eyed clouser and don't think the rod will hold up under a good fish. I could replace the rod under the warrantey, but they indicated they no longer offer that model. The reel seat and cork grip were nothing to write home about anyway, so I'd like to look into getting the same blank and building it up with better components. It would be a great back-up/buddy rod. I know that G. Loomis manufactures a lot of blanks for companies like Cabela's, LL Bean, etc., so I suspect it maybe one of theirs - but LL Bean won't tell. Do any of you know where I could get this med-fast action burgundy-brown colored blank? I thought it might be similar to the Pac-Bay blank. Your help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the time,


01-19-2000, 04:57 AM

I never did hear back from you on your rod choice. Did you decide to build or get the Scott?

I have not yet tried those Whitlock flies, but that article has created some extra work for me at the shop. Folks are coming in looking for Icelandic goat fur. I can't find it anywhere. I did recieve some new flies from Umpqua which are tied on a bent back hook and they look really great. Maybe if someone needs help again this spring we can test them out below a local dam.

I use a Renzetti so I have no experience dealing with Regal and can not remember anyone stopping by with problems. They are right down the road from you. I'd drop in one day with the chipped jaws and see what they can do for you. Also I would be happy to contact them for you from the shop.

Can't help at all with the blank question.

01-19-2000, 08:10 AM

Sorry about not getting back with you.

I decided not to get that rod, but regretted it soon after, as a 9' 4wt was just what I wanted. I like faster action rods, and was a little hesitant, however, after thinking about it I realize that this rod would have been fine for small nymphs and dries. I guess I have fallen in with the masses that believe that faster is better (not neccesarily true). I did pick up a new 5wt Orvis SL 865 TL 9.5 for a good deal at the Basement Bargain section in Manchester and a Battenkill for 50% off. I wasn't looking to get that model, it was more of an impulse decision and after casting it I liked it enough to snap it up.

Next on the never ending "needs" list is to build an 8wt for striper fishing, fix a small 3wt that I built last winter (put the guides 90 degrees off the spline) and tie up some flies.

I'm sure there were some requests at the shop, as those flies certainly look good, very, very good. I would love to test a few of these below the dam in the late spring, however, the fieldwork is done for my project, there may be some opportunity to assist other agencies carrying out some e-fishing though.

Will see you on Saturday,


01-23-2000, 10:17 PM
Pete -

Sorry I did not get to talk with you more while you were at the booth. You could probably see that I was thrashing as busy as it was. Too bad you didn't come on Sunday, it was a lot calmer and I would have liked to catch up more on the details of your biology research on smolting atlantic salmon predation.

I think I speak for the forum when I say that I can't wait until we put together a more informative article on some of your findings and insights.

Look forward to talking with you agin soon,