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: Fly Pattern Database

01-21-2000, 07:45 AM
We need a fly pattern database. I am thinking it is a Chronicles thing, timeless archive and all that.

What would the layout per fly look like to best suit you?


Name of fly
Class of fly (trout, steelhead, salmon, striper, sailfish, etc)
Originator/History if known
Special Notes

We'd have to be able to search the database.
It would build up over time and be a useful index.

01-21-2000, 08:23 AM
My only concern is that a pattern database (like the gear review) is done in many other sites, so we must be careful to present it in a unique way, or better than the others, or think of other unique subjects to include. Also, must we absolutely group these topics under the 7 main sunjects on the index or could these change (i.e. have additions to them). I'm just worried that some topics will be lost (hidden) under the pile if the main index subjects are not appropriate. Thinkin... thinking.

01-21-2000, 08:41 AM
Luis -

No worries, these reviews and databases will NOT be buried in FlyTalk (although they will be totally accessible). As I stated in my original emails, they are topics in Chronicles or Public Market.

I don't archive and remove Chronicles, I will mantain FlyTalk as needed. Patterns do not get wiped and archived so belong in Chronicles (only a click away).

All of the other pages will have interactive methods applied, it's just that these things take time and resources. You want to review products in the same page where people are selling or buying them, in fact it helps to put reviews right on the ads provided certain rules are followed... like membership to prevent people spamming, etc.

As far as the other note, if people don't review an item it means no one has one, or no one knows if it's good or bad yet (probably too new). No need to pull it though, eventually someone would have something to say.

01-21-2000, 10:14 AM
I understand that it wouldn't be in "Flytalk" but rather in "Chronicles" My concern is that Chronicles as a title, might not be conducive to people thinking "oh yeah, that's where the pattern database is". In other words the main category titles must be well thought out and all encompassing, and every piece must fit nicely in its own pigeon hole... like thoughts in our brain's memory cells.
Can you tell I need to go fishing?

01-22-2000, 06:07 AM
Good feedback, let's consider this an important issue. I will play with diversifying Chronicles first, then if it doesn't make sense when we can see and touch it then I will do the rework which affects the main menus and layout.

To your point, what's important is if it makes sense or not!

Viva la forum.


01-23-2000, 10:04 PM
As you may have noticed, the fly pattern database is organized as threads in each category. This will allow us to sort them in an intelligent manner.

I am thinking about restoring the other bulletin board we tested in alpha testing a couple of weeks ago for general chat, and reserving this one for those items we post which should persist through time like archived journals.

What we archive now could become the references for our next generation of young flyfishers, or perhaps our own children.

Let me know what you guys think.