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: A time for levity!

03-19-2003, 10:53 AM
Figured with everything going on in the world that now might be a good time to raise spirits. Towards this end, I would like to surveyt people for their funniest steelhead story. Please, change names to protect the innocent ;)

03-19-2003, 02:14 PM
I may have posted this before but...

Walked down to the river and found a man and his daugter fishing the run. I said hello and started in behind as he was gear fishing in the tailout. He was a grumpy old curmudgeon and constantly cussing away at the poor girl. She was holding a camera and it was evident that she was there to snap a picture of him with a fish.

As luck would have it he hooked a huge summer buck and started yelling excitedly at the girl to get pictures as he chased the 15-17 pound chromer down the bank as it leaped 5 feet out of the rapids over and over. She stumbled to keep up with eye in the viewfinder, unable to comply to the demands of the angler.

I stopped fishing to watch, feeling bad for the girl stumbling after the man so I headed down to offer a hand. The chase slowed down and the girl steadied the camera. The man struck a pose with rod bent deeply on a clay rock and slid quickly on the greasy rock into the water so that his hat, his arm and rod, and a mighty leap of the fish was all that could be seen for a split second...
>click< went the camera! What a shot that must have been, it seemed all that the grumpy man and faithful girl deserved came to be at that moment as the fish swam free down the river and the angry man, now fuming, pulled himself out of the river and hauled the girl off to the parking lot in haste.

As she was being yanked along, I swore I saw a smile on her face, and I would have given my right pinky just to see that photo!

True story.


04-03-2003, 01:43 PM
A couple of summers ago I got up before the birds and drove up to one of my favorite summer steelhead rivers to enjoy some early morning solitude and maybe even a steelhead. I parked the car, made my way to the river and waded across a tailout in the dark to get to my favorite run just downstream.

I was standing there as the dawn came, knee deep in the river and admiring the many bats as they swooped down and picked bugs up over the water. I was in the middle of marveling at how they were all around me but never came close to me when suddenly something slapped into the back of my neck.

After messing myself and my feet returning to solid ground, I engaged in a frantic flailing motion to try and brush the intruder off my neck and out of my hair. It was then I heard the laughter and turned to find a good "friend" standing behind me and about to pee himself with pleasure at the results of his slapping his rod tip on the back of my neck. Somehow in my daydreaming I had missed seeing him cross the river above me or heard him as he came down the bank.

FYI - his body has yet to be found :devil:

04-03-2003, 02:01 PM
I have a few but heres one.

Took my brother and his joker friend up to Michigans Pere Marquette in salmon season 15 years ago. They knew I was serious FF and loved my 8 weight rod. Well it got slow one afternoon, so I took a nap on the river bank all by myself in the middle of the national forest. They came down while I was sleep and took my rod and reel. Let me sleep longer and awake to find my rod missing. Well I went crazy looking for it all over thinking it was stolen by other fisherman.

They played along helping me to try and find it, and then after 10 minutes or so started hysterically laughing at me in front of other fly fishers and pulled my prized rod and reel out of some bushes.

PM Out

04-03-2003, 02:04 PM
The plan is for me to drive from home and pick up my buddy at Seatac. Never been to Seatac before, so my buddy tells me to drive along Rte#? and turn off when I see lots of planes.... His plane lands at 10 PM, it's dark..
Wound up in the Boeing complex, got lost, nearly arrested, saw lots of big 747's on the tarmac, turned around, wound up heading back towards Seattle, turned off, got lost again, wound up in Bellevue, turned around, got back towards Seatac, wound up in a secure area of Boeing this time, same security guard thank god, accompanies me to the "correct road" to Seatac, wind up in some area full of hookers and cheap bars, no planes yet, worried about asking for directions, finally see a police cruiser and get an escort to Seatac.
By then it's about 2 AM and my buddy has rented a car to drive to Rockport, but did leave a message for me at the United Airlines desk, just in case. Turn around drive to Rockport to meet my buddy staying at a local motel, it's 3:45 AM, been up since 5 AM the day before, He says, "we are all set, the guide will pick us up in an hour!" No guide shows up until 1 PM since his boat motor is broken and he never told us. No guide for the planned 3 days of fishing, drive my buddy back to Seatac and head back home.

The next several years we did the trip, it was much better!

04-03-2003, 02:46 PM
Hey Sinktip!

That's my funniest steelhead story.

Your Friend
He Lives.