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: First fish of 2003 . . .

03-16-2003, 06:16 PM
wasn't a trout -- it was a sucker :rolleyes:

And I caught it on a spinning rod :tsk_tsk:

It was so nice today that I had to go fishing. I tried the Housatonic River below the Woods Pond dam hoping to catch a trout or two. (Or anything!) I figured I could at least catch fallfish there since they seem to bite well even when the water is ice cold, but I was fishing from shore and could only roll cast because of the trees so couldn't reach the "good" spot with the fly rod. I wasn't catching anything in the areas that I was able to fish so I took a lunch break and went home to get my waders. When I returned to the river I decided to try a "test cast" with my spinning rod just to see if the fish were there, and I hooked into a 2 lb sucker on the first cast! So I put on my waders and stood in ice water for the next couple hours trying to catch something on the fly rod. No such luck. Oh well, it was nice to be out anyway even though my feet were freezing.

A funny thing happened when I was on my way back to shore. I spotted a yellow perch that appeared to be wedged between a couple of rocks in 6 inches of water about 2 feet from shore. I dropped my fly on its nose a couple times and it didn't move so I took a closer look. I didn't see any mouth or fin movement and I wondered if it was a dead or injured fish that had been hooked by one of the ice fishermen on the pond. I reached down to move one of the rocks and the perch jumped out of the water, splashed a couple times and headed for deeper water. I guess it was just trying to soak up some rays and I interrupted its sun bath!


03-23-2003, 11:08 AM
nice fish:D :D