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: MA - Third from last in environment budget

03-13-2003, 02:10 PM
48th in the union in environmental budget... please help American Rivers help us...

Dear Massachusetts' activist:

We need your help to restore necessary funding to assachusetts'
Riverways Program! The FY04 budget submitted by Governor Mitt Romney provides zero funding for the program (line item 2300-0101) and lists it as discontinued.

Urge your state senators and representatives to restore funding.

The Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Environmental Law
Enforcement's Riverways Program promotes the protection and
restoration of the Commonwealth's watersheds by providing technical assistance and outreach to communities, citizen groups, and others.

If the budget passes in its current form, the state's primary
advocate for rivers and river health would be eliminated.

Currently, Massachusetts spends less than 1 cent of every dollar in the state budget on the environment, which places Massachusetts 48th of all states on environmental spending.

Don't let this valuable program be cut-and Massachusetts'
environmental spending drop even further! Use our system to contact the Senate and House Chairs of the Ways and Means Committees, but please be sure to send letters to your state representatives too. Visit our website for a sample letter and to get contact information.

Act today! Visit:

Thank you for helping to protect and restore America's rivers, and being a part of American Rivers' River Action Center (

Take the next step - become a member of American Rivers! or call us at 202-347-7550, or toll free at 1-877-347-7550.

To contact American Rivers, email us at

03-14-2003, 05:02 AM
These are a great bunch of people at the Riverways program. The program is made up of River Restore which deals with dam removal, Urban Rivers Program and the Adopt a Stream Program. This whole program costs MA taxpayers about 360 K a year the rest of their budget comes from non state grants.

They provide an invaluable service for any individaul or group with an interest in the health and diversity of our rivers. Much of their mission is to povide information and guidance to citizens who have an interest in rivers. From the regulatory maze's of sewer and stormwater discharges to the rather contensious process of dam removal.

They have helped me with several projects in the past and presently, which would have been ovewhelming without their guidance.

Last summer two of the girls from the Urban Rivers Program took time on a Sunday afternoon to drive down from west of Boston to kayak with me down past the Brockton Sewer Plant. They came to help answer my questions and to do some water quality sampling above,at and below the plant. If this isn't above and beyond the call of duty I don't know what the hell is. So if you have a spare moment put in a good word for them, they really are the best.

03-14-2003, 05:49 AM
Tim, you and your brother have been an inspiration to me in your hands-on dedication to the environment. I put this post here largely because of my awareness of our own state's plight thanks to you.

You can bet I will be involved in the fight to keep our society from regressing to the sad state of affairs we created not too long ago when rivers ignited and sediments accumulated the toxins that are still rendering them hazardous today.

It's shameful really the way we've beat our rivers to hell around here. Disgusting. The Charles. The Merrimac. The Mystic. The Nashua. In fact you can go down the seaboard and it doesn't get much better for a loooong ways.

Mitt should cut a fat cat salary instead, they are infinitely easier to find than a good river.

03-14-2003, 09:00 AM
This is a tough call for me. I advocate lots of enviromental programs and don't mind public funds being spent wisely in this area. Here's the problem: The whole public monetary system is broken or mismanaged. The pols have not learned to save for rainy days to carry us through the wims of the the market cycle. Most of the other states are having this problem. They operate like the Airlines that can only survive in boom times under the weight of huge cash flow. This affects every level from Federal down to local municipalities. And with the national debt skyrocketing (again) we will see these problems persist. Now, clearly Mitt Romney has a mandate to do a big re-org. Fishing is merely a sport or pastime to the majority of people paying taxes. As such, it doesn't rank compared to education, helping the poor, prescriptions, infrastructure, etc. Therefore this is the time where personal contributions both in terms of $$ and volunteerism need to fill the gap. I hope I can personally help with this challenge. The funds just aren't going to come from the gov. for a while. At least if Mitt gets rid of Billy Bulger he could save $300K right there. If only he could channel that money to the Riverways Program.
He is cutting all the fat cats that he can, way more than any other pol would have. Go Mitt, and volunteer. I am going to review the Riverways website for ways to help.