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: MSBA show March 22nd - 23rd

03-12-2003, 08:18 PM
Not to take away from the Wilmington show but I'd like to get some plan of attack for the MSBA show.
We've got a booth 8' x 10' a few chairs and a couple of tables. The plan is to skip the booth this time and got with that great banner Mark donated. The show is in a new location this year at the Independence mall - Kingston, MA.
Saturday March 22nd 10AM to 7PM
Sunday March 23rd 11AM to 5PM
coupon for a buck off admission (
Warning -- This is not a fly fishing only show but we hope to turn as many of 'em as possible. :hehe: The fact is the club president is a fly fisherman, he invited us last year and the booth was a big hit.

We are looking for volunteers to man the booth throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. We can keep a max of 3 on staff at one time without tickets but I think it would be best to purcahase a ticket if you are going to walk around and take in the show.

There will also be an interesting seminar about the "Freedom To Fish Act" and how you can help protect our rights.

We will need vices and materials for the usual tying classes.
If you can help out (man the booth for a few hours, bring a vice and materials, teach a beginners tying class) please respond to this thread.

We are also going to have a raffle for flies in a boxed set. I'm shooting for ~100 flies. If you can help out by donating some saltwater flies that will really help out. I'll start a separate thread on the fly donations.

03-15-2003, 08:32 AM
Just bumping this one up.

I should add that if you can just cover a couple or 3 hour shift that would be great. In re-reading my post it sounds like we're looking for full days, not the case, unless you are so inclined.

I know Juro was planning on being around on Saturday with the projector so Sunday is where we need the most coverage.