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: Shrimp Swap--Shadfreak's Fly

03-12-2003, 05:57 PM
Here is Larry's fly...worth the wait...Larry,please put the recipie when you respond to this post..Thanks.

03-15-2003, 07:58 AM
This fly is a variation of ye old Wooly Worm. I think it works well as a good shrimp impression.

Hook size 4 salt water
Mouth parts and antennae
Orange and black buck-tail (about 10 fibers each)
2 green grizzly hackle tips
Orange pheasant breast feather

Gold ribbing
Orange chenille
Natural Grizzly hackle for palmering

Attach the thread mid shank and wind back toward the bend of the hook about the way around the bend.

Take about 20 buck tail hairs (10 each of black and orange) blend and attach them to the top of the bend with the tips pointed downward at an angle. Tie in a green or olive grizzly hackle tip so that it parallels the buck-tail. The length of the hackle tip should be about to the length of the buck-tail.

For the antennae use an orange pheasant breast tippet with the center cut out to form a V. Tie this feather in on top of the hook shank.
Tie in another green or olive grizzly hackle tip so that the tip is between the antennae.

Tie in the natural grizzly, ribbing, and the chenille. Wrap the chenille forward leaving space to tie off the head.
Wrap the ribbing forward and tie off. Palmer the grizzly forward staying parallel to the ribbing.
Finish the head.