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03-11-2003, 05:16 AM
I am in the planning stages of a Patagonian fishing trip. Does anyone out there have any info. I don't want to stay at a lodge. I am willing to hire a guide for a few days , but would rather fish without one. I know you can get lodging fairly cheap , and a four wheel drive is about 70 dollars a day. I am looking for an airport in that area .

Thanks in advance.

03-11-2003, 08:32 AM
I'm told by my worldly, dual-citizen associate, that the city of Bariloche is a magnificent take as well as a jumping-off point to some pristine mountain lake trout fishing. Located in the middle of the Andes on the Chilean border, it affords you access to glacial lakes, trout fishing, skiing, scenery, and apparently some of the best chocolate in the world.

I'm told, though this person doesn't fish, her father and brother are avid sportsmen and make this their base for Patagonian vacations. It is suggested you'll probably end up hiring a guide; you'll need to go to JFK to Buenos Aires to Bariloche; "long-ass flight" is how she described it; apparently worth every minute.

03-11-2003, 08:49 AM
Domenic -

Check out the awesome article Luis Nasim published in our Destinations section....

or just click here:

If it helps you, make sure to tell Luis thanks!

03-11-2003, 08:52 AM
You may want to check some back issues of American Angler as they published an article about do-it-yourself Argentina. There are a lot of options for trout fishing down there. Personally, the monster sea-run brook trout have caught my eye :devil:

But then again I may hold out for the Mongolian Taimen

Flyfishing Finn
03-11-2003, 01:20 PM
The article Juro mentioned covers pretty well most of the reasonably accessible waters. There's also been some discussion about this on the board in the past (search with the words Argentina or Patagonia).

I've been once to the Bariloche area and once to Tierra del Fuego (TdF) and have read quite a lot on the subject. A good friend of mine has been there at least a dozen times, always on his own. So it can be done, esp. if you have plenty of time and speak some Spanish. Hiring a guide makes it easier and obviously increases your catch rate. (You can easily find many guides/outfitters doing a Google search w. Flyfishing in Patagonia/Argentina.)

We fished the Bariloche area, mostly Lago and Rio Traful, plus some other rivers to the north. The overall experience - scenery, food (too much meat but great!), the friendliness and hospitality of the common people, the tango and the ladies in Buenos Aires etc. - make the trip definitely worth it, but if you're only interested in catching fish, then it might not be quite up to the hype. We did catch some nice trout every day, but my best were only a 21" brown and a 22" landlocked salmon. Sea trout fishing in TdF was better of course, but that was organised (and has to be; river access and logistics are just too tough).

The biggest problem on a do-it-yourself trip is access to rivers. You can walk along the banks but you can't cross private property (of course you can but be ready to duck if you're shot at :eek: ). You can ask permission (if you know where and who to ask) but you may be denied it if the Estancia has an agreement with an outfitter.
That means the easy to access places see quite a bit of pressure.
Lake fishing offers easier access and seemed to be more popular among the locals (because you are allowed to keep some fish caught from the lakes whereas rivers are usually C&R).

Bariloche is a popular tourist town and a good base with all comforts and services. However, it's probably better to head south to the Esquel region (described in the article). They might even have flights from BA to Esquel but not sure.

Btw, I took a bus from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, it's about 1100 miles and the trip lasts 22 hours but was first class in terms of comfort, service and scenery (for $75 back in 1997). Flew back, which took only 2 hours.

Keep in mind that distances are enormous and roads often bad (around Bariloche they are perfect but the paved roads quickly end when you leave town), so it's not that easy to go check another river.

I don't know if and how the recent economic crisis has affected fishing there. Probably fewer tourists on the rivers but newly poor locals may be poaching more than before.
At least prices for normal lodging, food etc. should be much lower than a few years ago. Funny thing though, prices for guided fishing trips don't seem to have fallen at all. Somebody must be making a profit - if they can get clients.

There's also an excellent book "Argentine Trout Fishing: A Fly Fisherman's Guide to Patagonia" by William C. Leitch. It's already 10 years old but gives you a thorough picture of everything related to fishing in Patagonia.

That's it from me. Keep planning!

03-11-2003, 02:31 PM
This isn't what you want to hear but...If you like BBQ(Assada), good wine, beautiful women(and men I hear)then Argentina is for you! The fishing is only good. Not as good as Montana, and if I am going to fly for more than 11 hours, it will be to New Zealand for sure!
I had a great time in Argentina, but I would not fish there again. TdF on the other hand is AMAZING! If I could go there again I would in a heart beat.

FFFin, Hey! Hey! That's a different brand of Tango, eh? I will have to contact you for fishing info befor my next trip to SF.