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: Wilmington---What are the plans?

03-09-2003, 06:34 PM
Just thowing this out..I know Juro has his hands full, but maybe we should start a discusion on what to do here. I have some extra fly Boxes from the first swap which I will fill with flies for drawings..I will also get another Micheals Shadow box for a drawing... Juro , call me ,and who do we have for Volunteers? Forgive me if this is on another thread but I did not search back...

03-09-2003, 07:45 PM
No problem, no thread like the present!

I spoke with Capt. Bill Strakele who will tie his well known popper with us on Sat AM. I think you have the Sat afternoon tying session, and I will toss in a session somewhere along the line as well. Capt. Bob Hines will be doing the worm hatch fly at the booth if you missed it last time, this is your last chance before the season - make sure you catch his presentations at the Fly Show up stairs as well. Capt. Art Sawayer will be tying as well but I need to coordinate schedules. Capt. Todd Murphy will be able to make the casting clave on Sat (please reply to the post so we can get a head count).

John, I will contact you offline to work out the details. Then one of us can post the schedule by let's say Tuesday?

03-09-2003, 08:39 PM
Juro & Jon

I plan to be at the show both days - not sure what time I'll arrive Saturday a.m. - depends on what happens Friday. Either way I'm there by mid-day latest.

Really looking forward to the casting clave too!

03-10-2003, 02:08 AM
Juro sat is a no go for me but Sun I'll be there. If you need any help let me know I could fill in to let ppl do lunch or take brakes. do you need vises this time around ?

03-10-2003, 08:13 AM
Wilmington -

Booth - yes, I will bring it and tools
Banner - yes, THANK YOU MARK
Tables - yes, I will bring
Chairs - yes "
Projector - yes "
Screen - yes "
Flyboxes - plenty left THANK YOU NICK

Vices - We need a few more vise/tool sets. Pedestal vises ensure fit with table, most clamp vises did not work in past shows.

Casting Clave brochures - I will draft some up and get them at Kinkos, we need business cards too.

Schedule - we are getting some of our very generous friends and sponsors to take tying gallery shifts again this year, I will post the schedule soon. Casting clave 6-9pm sat. Early bird dinner at 5pm or late snack after?

Raffle shadow box - Striblue, let's talk offline about putting together a really hot shadow box for the raffle.

Booth attendant shifts - The objective of the attendants will be:
a) sell raffle tickets
b) promote the casting clave
c) get people to sit and tie
d) describe who we are and what we do

We usually do half day shifts, AM/PM. If you are up for it, we will have a free pass with your name at the exhibitor gate - please toss your hat into the ring by replying to this if you are interested.


Sat AM: 8am thru lunch
John Morin
Sean McD. and Patrice
10:30am: Featured Tying lesson: Capt. Bill Strakele (just sit down and tie with the pros)

Sat PM shift: lunch thru close
1pm: Featured Tying lesson: John Morin

5-6: early departure for early bird dinner near field house?

6-9pm: Casting Clave - Reading Field House

9pm: drink and a snack after the casting clave


Sun AM: 8:45
John Morin
10:30 - Featured Tying lesson: Capt. Bob Hines (who is also giving two presentations upstairs, don't miss them!)

Sun PM:
Featured Tying lesson: Capt. Art Sawayer

4:30 - Raffle Prize Drawing

5pm - booth disassembly and packing into truck

I will go look in previous posts to see who volunteered, if I missed or forgot pls just post a reply here.

John I will call and thanks.

03-11-2003, 10:08 PM
Patrice and I will be there on Saturday. I can take the morning shift. I can also bring one vise for Saturday. I will be staying for the clave as well.