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: Thunder & Lightning

03-08-2003, 06:31 PM
Fly Tyer - Nbrandon (Neil)

Pattern - Thunder & Lightning

Hook: size 4 salmon/steelhead
Tag: Oval silver tinsel and yellow silk floss
Tail: Tip of orange chinese rooster hackle
Butt: Peacock herl
Body: Black floss
Rib: Oval gold tinsel
Hackle: Orange chinese rooster hackle at second rib
Throat: Blue guinea
Wing: Moose body hair

Tying Instructions:

1. Lay down a layer of thread all the way back to directly above the barb of the hook. Tie in the silver tinsel, make 2 turns around the hook moving forward, and tie it off.

2. Tie in the yellow silk directly after tinsel. Begin wrapping up the hook and stop directly over the point of the hook. Tie it off and trim.

3. Snip off a little of the rooster hackle tip, and tie it in directly over the point of the hook. Put the rest of the hackle away for later.

4. The tail should stop just short of being directly over the bend in the hook. You can put golden pheasant crest in too if you want to be fancy.

5. Tie in a peacock herl, and a strip of gold tinsel at the same time. The peacock should be dangling off the back of the hook, and the tinsel should be draped over the hook towards the eye. Make a few wraps of peacock herl, until you're happy and then tie it off and trim.

6. Pull the gold tinsel out of the way and then start making nice wraps towards the center of the hook.

7. Tie in the hackle that you clipped the tip off for use in the tail. You're going to want it to fall about where you think the second wrap of gold tinsel will be. A wrap or two back from the middle is usually right on.

8. Continue wrapping the black thread forward until you get close to the head. Leave more room for the head than you would with featherwing.

9. Wrap the gold tinsel forward, careful to pick out any orange hackle fibers that might get caught. Tie it off and trim when you meet up with your bobbin.

10. Fold the orange hackle back and start palmering around the hook, more or less following your tinsel. When you get close to the head, I like to add a few extra turns for more body. Force the fibers to lay back and not get caught under each other. Tie off and trim.

11. Hold the blue guinea feather at the tip and stroke downwards to separate the fibers. Lay it on the hook, tie it in and trim the tip. Make a few wraps directly in front of the orange hackle, pulling each wrap back so it doesn't get funky (technical term). After you're satisfied, tie it off and trim.

12. Lay down a few turns of thread between the hackle and the eye, covering up any hackle butts or other sins.

13. Grab a chunk of moose hair, cut it out, stack it, and then pick out the just fibers. [Note: Some of these flies were tied between sessions of tying elk hair caddis, so if some look like Don King, I apologize] The tip of the moose should align with the tip of the tail. Tie it in, trim it away from the eye, build a nice head on the fly.

14. Whip finish, & coat w/ cement if you want.