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: South Beach 8/7 & 8/8

08-13-2001, 10:47 AM
I just got back from a week of vacation on the cape I didn’t get a whole lot of fishing in but Tuesday was a one day I got out and it was a good one. It all started with my 18 month old alarm clock waking up at 4am. Buba, buba, buba, etc…. I arrive at SB around 5am and walk down casting at various fishy looking spots along the way. Things seem pretty quiet. I figure I was 2-1/2 miles down the beach when I make my way out onto a small bar that parallels the beach. First cast, ZING….. and a break off, I’m thinking blues but it appears to be knot failure :( I landed a few fish that were 25 –26” and had a few break offs and many missed hits, I’ve got a lot to learn about this surf stuff. I switch to 15lb tippet and that seems to solve the break off problem. I’m running the drag super tight because the seals are bobbing around out there and want to keep the fish clear of them. For 2 hours I was into good schoolies and managed to land 3 fish over 30” with a few more break offs and spit hooks. These fish were certainly not huge but with the highly oxygenated surf they gave one heck of a fight.
My brother-in-law RichD joined me Wednesday, we were hoping for a repeat performance of the day before but that bar almost looked like it had disappeared all together, we couldn’t get out there even at around 7:30. Rich and I met up with Jimmy on the way out and I told him about finding some great structure the day before, too bad it didn’t pan out hope you found them. Rich and I each got a small schoolie to prevent total skunkage but nothing like the morning prior. In retrospect I think that I should have moved around more on Wednesday rather than relying on what I thought was a pattern. Where’d that bar go anyway? Do things change that quickly on the outer beaches?