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: Dog Day Strategies

08-10-2001, 09:55 PM
I'm not saying' I believe it's the dog days out there but I sure hear a lot of negative talk about the fishing lately. I haven't been fishing enough over the last three weeks to prove otherwise but I hope to change that a little bit tomorrow.

Anyway, in the event it is the dog daze I'm curious about everyone's techniques for finding fish when the spring push and the early-summer bonanza is over.

Boat owners might not feel the dog day pressure as much, you can always get over big water, rips, or chase birds. On shore though it takes a little extra to score on these tough days.

The outer beaches are a great bet, early and late in the day and at night if you can get around the mung.

Heading north - large populations of bait are present from the north shore up to Maine and the water temps are great for the pursuit. I'll need to check in with Chris for a report.

Just as things might turn off a little in bass heaven, the hardtails are arriving on the Nantucket and Vineyard sound and there are plenty of blues to keep one busy.

What do you do?