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: Nantucket 8/10

08-10-2001, 06:37 PM
It's been another week of driving winds and hard fishing, but the good news is that there are still plenty of fish out here. Sunday morning I was invited out on a friend's boat to the Bonito Bar where in 3 hours time, after carefully motoring out through the fog, we hooked 7 Bonito and landed 3 of them, all on the fly. It was a sight to see raining bait and busting fish all around the boat, usually in the direction opposite from where you just cast to. Small white decievers and Umpqua's young of the year herring pattern were working well for those fish. I had trips all the rest of the week, where we saw a lot of fish but landed very few of them.
Great point is still holding a lot of blue fish with the area right around the point being most active. I haven't heard of any more bones being taken in that area lately but the rip is still holding some big bass. Yesterday morning I took my folks out along Coatue, for a change of pace, before the wind started to pick up where we got into tinker blues all the way along. I ended up tying on Gotchas because a #2 hook was too big for them to get their mouths around. If all else fails bring along a 4 weight rod and have some fun with little agressive fish. It seemed to me that the evenings were more active than the mornings but that may have just been the way the tide was running this week. The down side was that all your casting was right into the wind. On the way out this morning, just before the sun came over the horizon we did see some swirls in the surf line that looked a lot like stripers. They were gone as soon as the sky got lighter, but they were there.
The boats have been working the west end most of the time with the Bonito bar being a steady producer, and rumor has it that it just keeps getting more active every day. The flats boats are still seeing plenty of bass up on the flats. One captain said that he saw one school of 100- 200 fish up on the flat he was drifting circling around his boat. The south shore has been holding some good numbers of blues, anywhere from the surf line out, that's where we take families so the kids can catch lots of fish easily, great family fun.
On my spinning trips we have had success with ballistic missiles in white, white and red, or orange. Pencil poppers in white and yellow have also been good producers. On the fly, crease flies seem to bring up the blues where you aren't seeing any, and olive and white clousers have still been working. On the flats, some form of crab pattern will almost always draw a hit if you can fight the wind to get it into the right spot.
As a side note to those of you who may be bringing your boat over to fish Great Point Rip. This does not represent everone who run boats out here but there are certain boats running out of town who have decided that the rip is their water and nobody else should be there. On at least 2 occasions this week private boats owners were cursed out for anchoring up along the rip, because it messes up the "head" boats drifts through there. Just so you know, it is probably better just to set up a drift through there and stay out of the way. The coast gaurd has been informed of these goings on, so don't be afraid to let them know what is happening. Speaking of the coast gaurd and safety, they did inform one captain that anchoring in the rip without your motor running is unlawful, just in case you do get into trouble out there.
With that said, it's a big ocean with plenty of room for everyone. Get out there, have fun, and catch some of those fish...

08-12-2001, 04:36 PM
Shane, I will be on Nantucket on Wednesday and will stop by Cross Rip to say hello... I will just leave a message if you are not.

08-12-2001, 05:07 PM
John, I'll be out on the beach all day Wed. 2 charters from 5-10 AM and 4:30- 9 PM. Sorry I'm going to miss you but I have to work, if you can really call this work..

08-13-2001, 08:59 AM
John, Shane -

I've got an invite from my brother who is staying out there all week... and I am feeling awful lately. >cough<

My eyes hurt too. Can't see going to work ;)

If it wasn't week before boneclave I'd be all over it... I'll let you know if I can swing it.

Thanks for the great reports Shane!

08-13-2001, 09:23 AM
the bar is STILL open...:) only landed one on sat...-- took me under the anchor line 3 times!!